We Have a Visitor…


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It’s that time of year again…Miss Bailey the “crazy” high energy Min Pin mix has come for a visit.  She will be staying with us for 12 days which means she’ll be coming to work with us too! She is part of our whole routine. This is them at work…… it’s a bit chilly in my office area so I have a radiant heater, Daisy enjoys warming her belly by the “fire”. Wheatie is zonked and half out of his bed as usual. And Bailey has made the best out of a bed that’s a little smaller than she’s used to (her actual bed stays at the house cause it’s too big to lug to work every day). She doesn’t seem bothered!

It’s always an adjustment when we have a house guest…it’s a change to the routine and GAWD I love a routine! Most people with high level anxiety do love routine…it’s predictable and well…routine!  And yes it’s pretty much the same….Bailey is a dog; she eats, she poops, she sleeps, she walks…but it’s different. She comes with her own way of doing things and it takes a while to acclimate to our way of doing things.  In the winter she doesn’t really go for walks every day, she’s a bit more go outside in the yard and do your thing kinda dog…mine, not so much. Wheatie does go out for his “quick pees” those are the ones where he has to pee and Daisy does not so he just runs down the steps, pees and runs back in, they are the mid evening pees or the 2am pees!! Our usual routine is morning walk, after work walk and before bed walk.  Bailey likes the walking but it’s one more dog to do sweater and harness & boots for…this she is not really use to so it’s like dressing a 2 year old to go outside!

Then there’s the walking…she LOVES a walk….but doesn’t always want to complete the business side of things!  She’s just out for the scenery really and I need this to be for the pooping…we’ve got things to do & places to go!

Really it’s just different. And sometimes different is just different enough to activate my anxiety. It’s not Bailey’s fault, she’s a pretty good guest….although I think Daisy would disagree.

Sure looks like they all get along when you see them like this…..

All in all it’s not such a difficult task to have Bailey included in our routine for 12 days. The leashes get a bit more tangled, she did throw up in the back seat the other day which was LOVELY to clean up on the day when it felt like minus 30 with the wind, and there’s a much bigger poop to pick up a couple times a day…always making sure I have 2 bags in my pockets!!  Bailey is a bit “prey reactive” so she sometimes gets a bit too focused on Daisy, after all her breed were bred to hunt rats and while Daisy is NO rat…she’s small and could look like prey.  It can get intense cause Daisy does not tolerate any bullshit! My little 5 pound fluff-ball is one feisty scrapper, she doesn’t appreciate being eyeballed, this happens over a toy or if Daisy is on the floor and Bailey is above on the couch…like a mountain lion stalking her prey!!  They are never left alone together and I keep my eyes on them for signs of escalation!! As for Wheaton, he just turns his bum towards Bailey, that’s his signature “let’s play” maneuver, the “bum nudge”. He’s pretty funny!

Cheer Squad Feb 2020This past Wednesday I was running on the treadmill, the couch is right behind where the treadmill is and all three of them were in their respective spots…I could feel 6 eyes on me as I was running.  I feel pretty lucky to have such a cute cheer squad.  It must have been because I was running before dinner time!  They were all just waiting patiently for me to be finished so I would go do the important stuff…like fill their bowls!

Our “12 days of Bailey” is almost done, she will go home to her humans on Sunday. They are always super grateful that she has a safe place to stay when they go on holiday. A place where she gets all the walks (and then some), all the treats, all the cuddles, etc. that she would get at home. They always comment that she seems a little sad when they get her home…like she’s missing hanging out at our place! This is good, cause at least I know that even though she’s missing her routine and her humans she’s at least enjoying herself with us!

I mean she seems quite content….


Have a great weekend!

In peace and in kindness,

Jenn, Daisy, Wheaton….and Bailey!

Sunday Drives



Something about a clear bright sunny Sunday makes me want to go for a drive in the country…anyone else with me on this feeling?Otterburne Sundog

Lucky for me I have two four footed fur littles that are perfect passengers for these meandering country drives!  This past Sunday we headed out to Otterburne, Manitoba to the family cemetery….I now it’s not what most people would head to for a lazy Sunday drive but for me it’s perfect.

IMG_2039 (2)When my Grandma was still alive and mobile we would head out to the cemetery to water the plants and see who was “new” to the neighbourhood sort to speak. My gran grew up in Niverville, a town not far from Otterburne, and these backroads were her old stomping grounds. She always had stories about dances and ball games (my gran was a WICKED pitcher)…and drinking from a flask after the game ended!! She would talk about her days on the farm when she was in charge because her brother was off in the war. She’d tell me tales about how much of a rascal my grandpa was BEFORE she married him! She’d have me turning down unmarked gravel roads and she’d point out what families owned what fields and show me the fields she’d cut across while on her bike on the way home after a game. I loved these drives so it’s no wonder why I still feel the need to jump in the car and head out to the same gravel roads. It gives me the feeling that she’s just there, beside me, along for the drive.

Now my passengers are my fur littles and they only have to listen to me sing while driving, Sometimes I tell them a “Grandma story” just for fun.

The other great thing about being out there is wide open snowy fields that Wheaton can run around in…he loves this part! He starts his “Wheatie-Whine” before I even slow down to turn onto the cemetery path…he knows it’s gonna be snow play time!  I unbuckle them and take them out of their seat and his feet are moving before they hit the ground!! He jumps around in circles and heads to the snow banks! He chases Daisy and tries to entice her into the deeper snow but she won’t play along. She’s quite content to run with him along the path but she’s not going any deeper!

It’s fun to just watch him have fun. He’s such an expressive little dude…it makes me happy to see him happy.

Sleepy Car ride 2After a walk down the road and around the field it’s time to head back to the car and weave our way back to the city. I made some different turns and explored some new old gravel roads and we ended up in Morris, Manitoba (any of you familiar with Southern Manitoba knows that this is NOT my way back home!)  It was a beautiful day for a drive though…and a joyful 3 hours spent with no agenda, no plan, no real destination. Sleepy Car ride 1

And someone was snoring beside me all the way to our driveway!



It Ain’t Heavy, It’s My Blanket


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For the last 2 years I’ve been suffering with insomnia. Oh, the fun of mental health issues….I was already juggling depression, anxiety and now add a huge side helping of insomnia! You can actually forget what it feels like to sleep soundly. It becomes the new normal to lie in bed with your brain buzzing and speeding through every possible and impossible thought from the day, the week, the past, the future, the cosmos….there is an infinite amount of things to think about when your brain is operating in manic mode. Lack of sleep makes everything worse, at least in my experience but I can’t say that I know anyone who functions on all cylinders with little to no sleep….maybe in special high adrenaline situations but not long term.  Anxiety puts me in a “fight or flight” mode and with no sleep I was constantly exhausted and constantly on edge.  I absolutely hated my existence…I honestly thought I was going to lose my job or quit my job or just completely lose my mind.

And then I did something that changed everything……….

I bought myself a weighted blanket. A 20 pounder. It’s a twin size blanket and my bed is a double so the dogs have space to still be under the regular covers and not get squished.  This thing is a game changer! The first night was super awkward because I spent most of the night panicking that the blanket was going to end up on top of the dogs and suffocate them…Daisy is 5lbs Wheatie is 10…they wouldn’t be able to get out from under the 20lb blanket! The second night went a bit better, I figured out how to set it all up so if it slipped off it would slip off the bed and no onto them.  And then it happened. The third night I went to sleep and the next thing I knew my morning alarm was chirping at me.

I had slept through the entire night! 8 frickin hours of sleep!!

That’s not a typo!!!! 8 HOURS!!!!!

I had two fluffy faces looking at me…happy that they had slept all night too, cause of course my insomnia was affecting them as well.

This sleeping thing is now a regular occurrence. I aim to get to bed between 10 /11 ish and we all get settled in our “spots”. I still lie there wondering if this is going to be the night where it doesn’t work, the night where the magic blanket has lost its powers? The night where I’m back to a racing mind and hours staring at the ceiling, tossing and turning…..and the next thing I know it’s morning….and I slept again.

This magic blanket has held onto its powers….I have slept every single night this month. It feels like a miracle.

Look at this picture below…How Sleep Affects Your Health…

Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. … During sleep, your body is working to support healthy brain function and maintain your physical health.


I’ve gained 40 pounds in the last 2 years, I was severely depressed, I was having anxiety/panic attacks daily, I was forgetful and absent minded, I had no focus for work matters, high blood pressure for sure, body pain, exhaustion and weakness….never mind angry, frustrated, impatient and just B I T C H Y!!

Without sleep my body & brain were not resting, so they weren’t healing. My cells were not able to do their job efficiently. I was a walking zombie. I felt like I was in a constant fog.  The few nights where I actually got a full night of sleep, which for me was like 5 hours (instead of 2 to 3) actually made it worse, made me even more tired!?

And I dream again. Every night I dream. Weird shit coming up from my unconscious. See Freud’s take on the 3 levels of consciousness below.

The conscious: The conscious consists of what someone is aware of at any particular point in time. It includes what you are thinking about right now, whether it is in the front of you mind or the back. If you are aware of it then it is in the conscious mind.
Example: Right now as you are reading about Freud you could be thinking about what is being said in the text and that your eyes are tired from staring at this screen. In the back of your mind, however, you might be thinking “wow this website is really cool, if I was a psychology teacher I would give whoever made it an A”. Both of these thoughts occur in the conscious mind.

The Preconscious: The preconscious contains information that is just below the surface of awareness. It can be retrieved with relative ease and usually can be thought of as memory or recollection.
Example: Right now think of your middle name. That is an example of preconscious memory. Similar example could be what is your mom’s birthday, when did it last rain, and how long does it take to drive to the mall

The Unconscious: The unconscious contains thoughts, memories, and desires that are buried deep in ourselves, well below our conscious awareness. Even though we are not aware of their existence, they exert great influence on our behavior.
Example: Things in your unconscious would be forgotten negative experiences in your past, extreme dislike for a parent, or a terrible event that you pushed out of your preconscious.

The fact that I am dreaming again is helping my healing process in therapy because a lot of stuff in my dreams is taking me back to traumas from childhood that need to be worked through but I had pushed things down so far I couldn’t heal them without bringing them up and talking through them. Symbols in my dreams link directly to things I felt in my childhood. I’ve opened a door to healing and this door was in my own mind….I just couldn’t access it because I couldn’t get to a deep enough sleep to consistently retrieve the thoughts from my unconscious.

So, what does any of this have to do with Wheaton…nothing directly except that he’s enjoying a full night sleep tucked up against his peacefully sleeping Momma!

Sleeping Wheatie 9

In sleep and kindness…

Jenn, Daisy & Wheaton

Call Me Cuddly


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Someone is awfully cuddly these days!

When I considered the idea of a second dog my biggest concern was that Daisy would be upset with a new dog honing in on her Momma.  The idea that her feelings would be hurt with another dog wanting to cuddle all the time, I didn’t want her feeling tossed aside for a new puppy! “New Baby” syndrome where the first born feels neglected and ignored because the new baby is taking the spotlight.

Then Wheaton found us…..and there was no way that he was gonna infringe on her cuddling time….he was so scared and shy and anxious.  He wasn’t a cuddler.  He of course warmed up and had moments but I had to leave that up to him.

We had achieved the perfect balance. Daisy would cuddle 24/7 if she could…not even exaggerating.  If you ask Daisy if she would like to go for a walk, she will just flip over and show her belly for some tummy tickles!

So I had Miss Cuddles and Mr. Aloof….. IMG_4829-0

And then after a couple years Wheaton started asking for cuddles. And it would just be for a brief period, then he’d go back to the other end of the couch.  He’d give hugs when I picked him up, he’d sleep right up tight against my back every night, he showed his affection in his own way.  After my mum died and I was fresh into the grieving process Wheaton would push up against my back at night (making sure I could feel him against me, one of my previous blog entries tells about that) and he would sometimes crawl over and lay across my chest (heart to heart) like he was trying to heal my broken heart. He’s a magical little dude.

Well, to my absolute delight, in the last few months he’s even more cuddly in the evenings now. When we sit on the couch I ask him if he wants a cuddle and he comes over and climbs up in my arms for a good 10 minutes of one-on-one cuddling. Then he moves down a bit and he & Daisy both curl up on my legs and they stay there until I have to move for something. Him staying close & curled up with us is a new feature!

Something else he’s doing that wouldn’t seem like a big deal to most because it’s something we all take for granted with our dogs…..when I reach out to pet him he doesn’t back away.  I noticed this a couple weeks ago when I came home after being out one evening…both Daisy & Wheatie were so excited….the “Momma’s home Momma’s home” frenzy….and I reached out to rub Daisy’s head as I always do, then I reached out to rub Wheaton’s head (this is where he usually would back away and go run around) and he let me!  How cool is that!!!!

The possibilities are never-ending when you apply patience. And love.

With love & kindness….

Jenniffer, Daisy & Wheaton (aka Mr. Cuddles)

Ps…That’s my boy….with his paw holding my leg.






Do You Want a Cuddle?


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Every evening I ask Wheatie this question….

It happens when we lay on the couch to watch TV for the evening.  Wheatie gets cozy on his pillows at the end of the couch and Daisy curls up in my legs. We all have our spots, we all get cozy, we all settle.

Then, it could be a few minutes later or an hour, but at some point Wheaton looks over at me. I can’t even describe the look, it’s just a soft look and a little tilt in his head…..so I say, “Do you want a cuddle?”….he lifts his head. So I put my arms out towards him and say, “Come on, come to momma.” And he slowly gets up and climbs over Daisy to come snuggle up into my arms. He usually only stays 5 to 15 minutes and then goes back to his pillows.

Last night during his cuddle time he put his head on my shoulder and fell asleep. He stayed snuggled like that for over half an hour. My arm fell asleep and I had to pee but I wasn’t gonna ruin the moment. I love these moments.

He’s such a lovely boy. Handsome


We Say Goodbye to Another Friend


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It’s been a sad couple weeks…we had to say goodbye to another member of our fur little family….our dear sweet Toby.

It’s never easy. Even though we all know death happens, even when our loved one is sick, even when our loved one is old, it’s still never, ever, never, going to be easy to accept. It’s still going to leave us with a void that can’t be filled. Left with a broken heart that may heal -in time- but will always bare the scar of each loss. 

Toby was Daisy’s canine poppa. He was part of our tribe, part of our extended pack. He was such a cuddle bug, this must be where Daisy got it from. He had the sweetest little round puppy face, Daisy got that from him too. So expressive, such a little flirt he could suck you into his gaze with just a wink.  The sweetest love bug. Unless you were a deer or a raccoon in his yard, then he was a fierce guard dog protecting his property!


Wheatie took to Toby right away, it helped that Toby was just a real chilled out dude. The three of them were the fluffy little white dog gang. 

 I mean come on….look at these little faces. 

There is no love like a dogs love. Their cuddles are a cure for everything. Their joy and exuberance for everything is contagious. A happy dog is a mood booster. 
And Toby was a happy boy. He would have been 15 in September. He was mostly deaf, somewhat blind and he was diagnosed with a heart condition. He moved slower and napped more but he did his best right to the end. 

My Dad & stepmom lost their baby boy. Their dogs are counted as their babies along with us human kids. They are devastated.  Poor little Maya is looking for Toby all the time. As the “baby” Maya’s never been without Toby. 


He was quiet, he was chill, he was just the most cuddly love bug. He leaves us all behind, missing him so much.

Goodbye Toby. 

He Brings Me Joy


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I mean he’s a dog, dogs bring us happiness and joy, how can they not? They are wonderful little loving happy creatures. The basic job of a dog is to bring joy to humans. We are so blessed to just be in their presence. They really are a gift. They teach us about unconditional love, to enjoy the moment, to always give someone another chance, and of course to sniff out your surroundings and mark your territory. Ok, maybe that last one isn’t exactly necessary. 

My point here is that it’s quite easy to find joy while being around a dog…but there’s something more to Wheaton’s joy. The fact that he is able to strike this balance between still being scared of stuff and being completely happy with his familiar stuff still amazes me. He doesn’t let shit bog him down!  What a life lesson here. The first half of his life was torture….and yet here he is with his tail wagging and his happy tongue-out grin! He can be weary of a stranger in one minute and then enjoying a bum scratch a minute later. He does everything full on. If he’s gonna bark by golly he’s gonna put his whole body into that bark! He’s not gonna back down! If he’s gonna run, he’s gonna let loose and run with all feet in lift off mode! He eats like it’s his last meal, he licks every morsel from his dish, then burps and licks his lips like it’s the best meal he’s ever had!  And then there’s the cuddles. Oh my boy loves a good cuddle. He loves his Daisy full heartedly. He plays with her like a puppy would. He brings out her inner puppy. And just when I think he’s annoyed her too much, I see her snuggle up to him in the dog bed. She loves him too. 

He’s just such a joy to me. Every day I am thankful that he came to us. He was meant for us. 

He’s my goofball, he’s my scaredy cat, he’s my barking jerk, he’s my buddy, he’s my neurotic little freak, he’s my handsome little furry gentleman….

He’s my Wheatie-boy. 

Where Have You Been?????

I am so behind in my blogging…thanks for sticking around!

It’s not that we haven’t been doing anything, we have! And there’s so much to catch up on!!

We got our same seasonal camping spot, 3rd season in a row!  And as usual the dogs love it! The season started off a bit chilly….temps got to the low teens during the day but dropped to 2 degrees (Celsius) at night, don’t worry our sleeping bag is super cozy, we hardly noticed!

Wheatie has discovered that Momma wakes up when he paws her in the face!! So that’s our routine now. He paws me when he wants me to get up, he paws me when he wants to go under the covers, he paws me when he wants a cuddle…it’s basically his main way of communication now.

We think Summer has arrived! We had our first 30 degree day of the season last week…here is Wheaton enjoying the heat, well the nap.  It was a hot one. No breeze.

Sunrise Walk 2019We hike early in the morning before it gets too hot. We do 2K at least, sometimes 3 or if we’re feeling really ambitious we get to 5K!

We LOVE hiking!! on the shore

We take long walks along the shoreline, then come back through the forest trails.Hiking

The best part is when no one else is around and the dogs can go leash-less and then they really have fun, sniffing and chasing each other!

I am thankful for this little piece of nature that I get to call my very own for the season. Whether we are exploring the shore & the forest trails or just relaxing back at the camper, it’s the best feeling in the world. and the fact that I get to share it with these two little fur balls is my ultimate gift.

It is my priority to give my dogs the best life possible….I think they’re happy!

This guy looks pretty damn happy!!

Happy Boy 2019

Thanks for reading and I’ll try to catch you all up on a more regular basis!!

Be well, hug a tree, take a big breath!!

Jenn, Daisy & Wheaton



Spring! Yuck!! And other things…


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Spring 2019 Park WalkIt’s not that I don’t love the warmer weather and the sunny days….I just hate the melting process!  It’s such a mess with two little white/cream coloured dogs, who are low to the ground so it’s not just their paws getting mucky but their whole under carriage.

Daisy tries her best to avoid the wet and the puddles and the muck…she hates the melt too! But Wheatie is a totally different bean…I think he aims for the puddles and the muck!! Getting wet and dirty and covered in sand doesn’t phase him at all. If we get to a particularly mucky area Daisy stops and looks at me, this is her way of telling me that she wants to be picked up, and as I’m picking her up I turn and there’s Wheaton standing in the middle of the puddle!! So after almost every walk we have to head straight to the tub for an under belly wash.

Morning walks aren’t too bad yet cause it’s still hovering around the freezing point so it’s easier to keep them clean….but afternoon and bedtime walks are an absolute mess.
This is why I hate Spring!!!

On a positive note….we put our application in for our seasonal camping out at Hecla and we got accepted and drew second in the site pick order!! So great news…. We got our favourite site again for the third year in a row!! I’m so pumped!!! Definitely looking forward to camping season to start in May.

A couple weekends ago I rented the Minaki Yurt again like we did last year, except this year I was super sick with what I thought was just a really horrible cold. It was too late to cancel the yurt trip though and I would have lost my deposit (which was a substantial amount). I figured it was worth going, my cold would ease up and I would feel better by the second day of our four day yurt stay. I needed a break and it’s so pretty out there in the wilderness. I was looking forward to snowy hikes and a big cup of tea by the fire and all that good stuff. But, no. My sick got worse, I spent the whole time in bed or curled up in a blanket on the bean bag chair. We tried to go for a hike one morning and I barely made it 100 yards before I was hit by a coughing fit that I thought would bring up my lung!! It was shitty and I left a day early (the folks there were super nice and didn’t charge me for the extra day).

Ihaler 1I got home and went to the doctor and found out I had a bronchial infection and pneumonia. Ahhhhh, that explains why my sick wasn’t going away and why it felt like it was getting worse! I spent the next week home from work laying on the couch. The dogs loved it!! I felt bad for them though cause I couldn’t walk them very far…we’d walk down the street about 3 or 4 houses and back, just enough for business to be done and then I would be wiped out and go back to the couch for a nap. Amazing how you need oxygen so much, we really take this breathing thing for granted!! Everything exhausted me.  But finally the antibiotics took care of the infection and with two different inhalers, my lungs finally cleared enough that I could breathe without having a coughing fit. It took 3 weeks to feel human again and the dogs were happy to be back to walking on a regular basis.

So, 3 weeks having and recovering from pneumonia and what do I do last night??? Go for a run. It was a light run/brisk walk since it’s the first real physical movement in like over a year! I don’t know if being so sick just pissed me off or frustrated me to my breaking point but I do know that I have been lying around like a sloth for over a year and it is time to move again. I’ve been working so much on being gentle with my self and healing and working through grief that my physical health has been completely ignored. I’ve eaten my feelings and eaten for comfort and we all know the food you eat in this phase is NEVER the good stuff!  Of course that meant weight gain, but truth be told I didn’t give a shit. My mental health and my emotional well being were more important and I just didn’t have the energy to eat healthy & exercise. Everyone handles grief differently, some folks will exercise through it, that’s their healing process. I am NOT that person. I’m more of a “cocoon myself on the couch and eat a family size bag of chips for supper” kind of person or a “fast food 5 times a week” kind of person. To each their own right. The point is, I feel like those 3 weeks of having no choice but to lie on my couch wrapped in the duvet made me realize that I have a choice now, I feel that I am stronger and ready to move forward ….time to up my game.

Maybe it’s Spring and sunshine (and even the muck), but I feel the shift to want to take better care of my Self. I feel like I matter just a little bit more and I have the capacity to take on the physical healing now.

Wishing you all a Happy Spring.

In love & in kindness,

Jenn, Daisy & Wheaton

Where Have We Been?


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Well, we haven’t been anywhere…we’re all still here trudging through day to day. I actually just realized the other day that I haven’t updated our loyal Wheaton fans in months!! Since November!! tsk tsk!

Zonked outCuddle Buddies

To be honest December was a shit month. I was on high anxiety alert and at the same time in a very depressed state with it being the one year anniversary of my mum’s death, I had a difficult time dealing with the whole holiday season….hibernation was looking like the perfect option! Of course my friends and family were being supportive and respectful but also pushing me (just enough) to hold some comfortable space in the festivities….and if I didn’t attend there was no pressure.  It wasn’t easy by any means but we all made it through to the other side in one piece.  And then….

Something happened. There was a shift in energy. I made it through the first year, I felt like I had fought an emotional battle, but I made it. When you’re fighting an emotional battle in your head & heart 24/7 it’s exhausting…especially while trying to still function in your mundane 9 to 5 life. There wasn’t much room for “more”. It was me & the dogs, and I was doing much better at taking care of them, they are my main priority after all. I was managing just enough for me to get through day to day. And then, like I said, there was a shift in the energy. I felt like I broke the surface and took a breath after being underwater for a year. There was light again.

Since the shift I have a bit more energy to “do” things again. I am attending a weekly yoga class (and a few yoga workshops). I’m also taking the fur littles to an indoor doggie play group every second Sunday….more on that in upcoming blogs!

Fun in the snowThe weather doesn’t always allow us the joy of our long park walks…we had a few weeks of the minus 30’s, 40’s and even hit -52C with the windchill!! But as much as possible, when a nice day comes we head to the park, or at least around the neighbourhood, for a good long walk! You gotta make the most of it when Winter weather lasts for 6 plus months!!

Wheaton is still his usual charming self. He loves his cuddles, he loves his walks, and he loves being a goofball too!

Pack Walk at the Park

We are taking care of Bailey the Min Pin for the next couple of weeks and the days have been nicer (-10C to -20C) so we’ve been enjoying pack walks at the park after work for the last few days! It’s been really lovely to get out in the fresh crisp air and wander through the snowy tree lined trails. The dogs are loving playing in the powdery snow and sniffing all the park “pee mails” they’ve missed!

By February I think we colder climate folks start getting a bit “stir crazy”. The sun is shining more and we want to get outdoors. We personally  have no problem with -35C days, the fur littles have their snowsuits and their boots but to be safe, they can only handle that cold on their exposed ears, tails and faces for so long!  We stay out as long as they’re comfortable and then we head in…Wheatie loves actually going in the snow, when we get back in the house his boots are full of snow and he looks more like a mini abominable snowman.  Daisy prefers to stay clean, warm & dry by sticking to a path.

That's the Spot

So, the point is, we are good. We are getting out and finding our footing again!

If anything, getting out more makes the coming home and cuddling on the couch time that much more cherished!

Right Wheatie….

“yeah Momma”


In Love & In Kindness,

Jenn, Daisy & Wheaton