Where Have We Been?


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Well, we haven’t been anywhere…we’re all still here trudging through day to day. I actually just realized the other day that I haven’t updated our loyal Wheaton fans in months!! Since November!! tsk tsk!

Zonked outCuddle Buddies

To be honest December was a shit month. I was on high anxiety alert and at the same time in a very depressed state with it being the one year anniversary of my mum’s death, I had a difficult time dealing with the whole holiday season….hibernation was looking like the perfect option! Of course my friends and family were being supportive and respectful but also pushing me (just enough) to hold some comfortable space in the festivities….and if I didn’t attend there was no pressure.  It wasn’t easy by any means but we all made it through to the other side in one piece.  And then….

Something happened. There was a shift in energy. I made it through the first year, I felt like I had fought an emotional battle, but I made it. When you’re fighting an emotional battle in your head & heart 24/7 it’s exhausting…especially while trying to still function in your mundane 9 to 5 life. There wasn’t much room for “more”. It was me & the dogs, and I was doing much better at taking care of them, they are my main priority after all. I was managing just enough for me to get through day to day. And then, like I said, there was a shift in the energy. I felt like I broke the surface and took a breath after being underwater for a year. There was light again.

Since the shift I have a bit more energy to “do” things again. I am attending a weekly yoga class (and a few yoga workshops). I’m also taking the fur littles to an indoor doggie play group every second Sunday….more on that in upcoming blogs!

Fun in the snowThe weather doesn’t always allow us the joy of our long park walks…we had a few weeks of the minus 30’s, 40’s and even hit -52C with the windchill!! But as much as possible, when a nice day comes we head to the park, or at least around the neighbourhood, for a good long walk! You gotta make the most of it when Winter weather lasts for 6 plus months!!

Wheaton is still his usual charming self. He loves his cuddles, he loves his walks, and he loves being a goofball too!

Pack Walk at the Park

We are taking care of Bailey the Min Pin for the next couple of weeks and the days have been nicer (-10C to -20C) so we’ve been enjoying pack walks at the park after work for the last few days! It’s been really lovely to get out in the fresh crisp air and wander through the snowy tree lined trails. The dogs are loving playing in the powdery snow and sniffing all the park “pee mails” they’ve missed!

By February I think we colder climate folks start getting a bit “stir crazy”. The sun is shining more and we want to get outdoors. We personally  have no problem with -35C days, the fur littles have their snowsuits and their boots but to be safe, they can only handle that cold on their exposed ears, tails and faces for so long!  We stay out as long as they’re comfortable and then we head in…Wheatie loves actually going in the snow, when we get back in the house his boots are full of snow and he looks more like a mini abominable snowman.  Daisy prefers to stay clean, warm & dry by sticking to a path.

That's the Spot

So, the point is, we are good. We are getting out and finding our footing again!

If anything, getting out more makes the coming home and cuddling on the couch time that much more cherished!

Right Wheatie….

“yeah Momma”


In Love & In Kindness,

Jenn, Daisy & Wheaton


He’s Perfect…Except for his Teeth!


It’s a battle against bad dental genes! We brush, we use a dental gel, he chews his dental sticks and his bullies…and STILL every year for his annual check up his teeth are horrible!  I even bought a $29 silicone “dogs love this dental chew” thingy….which neither dog wants ANYTHING to do with EVEN when I put some coconut oil on it to entice them to try chewing it!!!

Wheatie had his annual vet exam 2 weeks ago and, of course, the teeth again! This time we thought just a cleaning but once she got in there it was a different story! I got the phone call that his upper right canine…his fang…had to be removed because it had an Canines_--_Dog.jpg (2817 bytes)8mm “pocket”, this is a gap between the root of his tooth and the gum…which leads to all sorts of issues and does not go away.  At 8mm that is a significant size and the tooth should be removed so the hole can close and heal.

(this pic is NOT Wheaton’s fang btw)

The canines are the teeth used for tearing and ripping flesh off carcasses…not something Wheaton does a lot of but still…he seems quite proud of his fangs. I was sad to give the go-ahead to the vet to pull one but I definitely didn’t want that “pocket” to lead to worse things.  Poor Wheatie. He is a trooper though, the vet office called me right after he woke up from surgery to tell me that he was good and coming out of the anesthetic very well…in fact he was doing his best “I’m fine, let’s go” impression! Like someone who has had one too many drinks but insists that they’re NOT drunk! That was Wheatie! His little half closed eyes, his wobbly steps, and the nodding off every 30 seconds told a different story though…this pup was still very stoned! He wanted to get out of the kennel and go home but he had to stay a couple more hours until the anesthetic wore off a bit more. When I got to the vet clinic to pick him up at 5pm I could hear him barking….I believe it was the “come get me” bark!!

HandsomeIt’s been a few days now, he’s licking and lip smacking because I’m sure the stitches are annoying him but other than that he’s his usual self…silly, food motivated, barking and pestering Daisy just like normal.

He’s so handsome. Such a character. Close up

And, tooth issues aside, perfect in every way! His weight is bang on, he’s very muscular. His heart rate is perfect, everything looks, sounds and feels exactly as it should be…no health concerns. He’s 8 now, and with his first 4 years of life being in a puppy mill…to say that he has no health issues is a very…VERY…good thing!

It’s my number one job to be the best dog momma I can be…these two furry faces tell me that I’m doing a pretty good job…even if I let them get quite scruffy and Fraggle looking before taking them to the groomer!

My Babies

FYI…they have been groomed since this photo!

With love and kindness…

Jenn, Daisy & Wheaton

4 Years


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I’m blessed. I really am. I don’t always feel it cause I can get wrapped up in my own shit, as do we all, so I need a reminder once in a while…but every time I look at these two furry faces I definitely FEEL it! IMG_4686-0

Before Wheaton came along, it was Daisy and I against the world. I had thought of getting a second dog and we would go meet and play with a doggie prospect…but it just never “fit”. I figured it was just gonna be me and Daisy against the world. I was a one dog Momma….Daisy was an only child….and she was totally FINE with that!!



And then it all changed when I saw one little photo of this scruffy scared Maltese named Wheaton. This was the picture that stole my heart. He still has his puppy mill tag around his neck. Maltese #265. If you’ve been following our journey you know Wheaton’s puppy mill history and his rescue story…if not, it’s all here in the blog posts.  We’re all disgusted with the mill business and we all wish we could rescue all the dogs still suffering in theses hells…but I’m not gonna dwell on that today.  This is a positive post about how far my handsome boy has come.  A celebration of Wheaton!  He’s been our boy for 4 years, the same amount of time he spent in the puppy mill cage. He’s 8 years old, 50/50 now…every day past his “gotcha” day we are ahead now!

You’ve read all my blog posts about how much of a character Wheatie is…he cracks me up! You’ve read how he can be a healer, a little 4 pawed Reiki Master. You’ve read about the little victories and milestones like the first time he cuddled up to me, or the first time he exposed his belly for a rub, or the first time he barked…etc.  Or the time when I came home and the two of them were curled up in the dog bed together. How about the first time he figured out what a toy was and engaged in “play”. You’ve followed our long, long journey of house breaking. And when he got to learn about camping & hiking, and took to it like a champ!  So many stories!!  Never mind the day to day stuff…the way he plays, the way he asks for what he needs, the way he still gets anxious, the way he still freaks out at other dogs when we’re out for a walk, the way he listens to me and responds. But most of all, and this is my favourite Wheatie thing, the way he will come cuddle up to me and I fell him relax one muscle at a time…trusting me. That’s the biggest blessing of Cuddlingall…the trust. It’s been 4 years with him. I never had to work for Daisy’s trust, she just trusted me. I’ve had her since she was a tiny puppy and she just bonded to me and trusted me. Period. Wheaton came to us really messed up. years of abuse and neglect and sickness and pain…people were not nice to him. Every movement meant something bad was gonna happen. He’s still a nervous guy if I move too fast. But the journey from where he WAS to now…it makes it difficult to even remember how scared he use to be because he’s come SO FAR! It blows my mind. Most of the time I just forget he img_7899has any issues, now they’re just his quirks! He’s a quirky dude!

I love my dogs. They are my children.  They are the absolute loves of my life. They are my priority. They are my life savers. When grief and depression hit me, my dogs were the ONLY reason I got out of bed /off the couch.

They are amazing little creatures. Their love is perfection.

Happy Wheaton Day! Hug your dog(s) a little extra today!!

In love and kindness,

Jenn, Daisy & Wheaton


So Proud


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I haven’t mentioned it because I didn’t want to jinx it….but Wheaton goes all day at work without accidents AND without needing a pee pad!

He’s been accident free for MONTHS but I am still surprised when I don’t find a puddle.  And it was actually something I was really proud of yesterday…I was away from my desk doing some training in another part of the office and it was getting late in the day, I thought for sure I was going to come back to my desk and find an oops….Wheatie use toimg_6550-1 get a bit anxious if he could hear me but not see me and he’d have a little pee…especially late in the afternoon when it’s been 7 hours since he peed. But he didn’t. He and Daisy were still curled up in the dog bed, cozy as could be, patiently waiting for me to finish and pack up. By the time we left the office yesterday it had been a 9 hour day with no mid-day pee break….and no accidents!

At home when I go out and leave them I still put a pee pad down cause sometimes he will still pee if left alone….but even then it’s not all the time like it use to be. This is a BIG deal! Being a puppy mill rescue he was never trained, for 4 years he was kept in a wire cage, he just peed whenever. Add to that; the abuse, the neglect, the health issues, the fear and the anxiety….I was happy with the progress we have made…I wasn’t going to push him! I was happy that he peed on the pads. I only needed to put two pads down near the back door and that was his area. He doesn’t pee anywhere else (usually….he’s not 100% but the odd pee on a throw rug isn’t that big of a deal considering). The idea that he barely uses the pee pads now is amazing! But it’s the all day at work – accident free – that is proving to me that patience and understanding is exactly what my boy needs on his journey.

I have never pushed Wheaton. We have only done what he is comfortable with…if I try something and he is uneasy, we stop. I have never taught him “SIT” because he didn’t like being touched so if you went to touch his bum for sitting, he’d cower or he’d run away.  It was more important that he learn the commands “STOP” & “COME”…he knows those words. So when it came to potty training the key was consistency and praise…no reprimanding!  No FEAR. The LAST thing you want is your rescue to be afraid of you. I just made it a priority to watch him and take him out frequently so he’d pee outside, and if I left them I always made sure to put the pads out. If he peed on the floor when I was home, I was at fault for not recognizing his “tells” – not him – and I think that is the key. We are the human…we are responsible!! IF our dogs do something we consider “bad”  well they’re being a dog…we are the ones who understand consequences! Your dog likes to eat shoes…well what’s better…taking a chance and leaving those leather shoes out or putting those leather shoes away in the closet? For instance, the other day I treatsmoved stuff off the washing machine so I could do laundry. In those items I moved were two bags of dog treats. I moved them to a lower spot that was totally within reach of little sniffers. I didn’t think anything of it cause I was home. Of course after I finished the wash I didn’t remember to put the treats back up. Well, cut to 3 days later and I had to leave the dogs at home while I went to an appointment. I came home to two chewed up bags on the floor…with NO treats inside!! That’s not Wheaton’s fault! And yes, I KNOW it was him because Daisy doesn’t care about sniffing around the house looking for things to eat – she likes two things – sleeping and belly rubs. In Daisy’s world treats are brought to her…she doesn’t look for treats! Wheaton did not find those treats and think “oh if I eat these, and part of the bag, I’ll probably have a bit of a tummy ache. I should wait till Momma gets home and gives me one.” Duh! It’s my fault for leaving them low & accessible!

I really don’t believe in all of the ALPHA stuff…especially not with a dog who is already fearful and anxious. You want trust, praise and patience…and understanding.  Getting Wheaton, or any dog for that matter, to do things because they fear you is really a fool’s way of training (in my opinion).

Is your dog going to misbehave…absolutely. Is your dog going to pee on the floor…yes, a thousand times yes. Is your dog going to bark and do other things that you find annoying….yeah, of course…ummmm, they’re dogs for crying out loud!! If you want a quiet, perfect pet, that never pees on the floor…may I suggest a goldfish!

Now, don’t get me wrong, Wheaton gets told “NO” but never in a way that will evoke fear.  Wheaton cowered at every sound and every movement when he first came to us. It was my goal to make him feel safe and protected so he would cower less and less. He’s still wary of strangers and he will duck away from a head pat, he hates hands coming at him from above – hits come from above- but he will welcome a slow gentle hand coming upwards and scratching his neck.

CuddlingHe will always have his issues (don’t we all) and he may always be anxious and skittish…..

It’s my job to provide him with a safe place.

Last week I was sick with a cold and he was by my side all the time.

He was meant to be my boy. I am so thankful for him.

I have two furry loves of my life.

I’m so lucky.

Sleeping Wheatie


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I have an obsession. Well, honestly, I have a few, but one of them is taking pictures of my dogs as they sleep. I can’t be the only person doing this?? I mean what is cuter than your dog sleeping? Besides your dog playing, walking, sitting, breathing….etc etc etc… Hmmmm, I could just be obsessed with my dogs in general. Whatever, they’re adorable, who wouldn’t be obsessed!?

Wheaton seems to sleep in the most awkward positions, and when he’s out he’s out. Zonked. He flops himself half out of the dog bed, he sleeps with his head hanging off the pillow, he stretches himself full length across the bed, and everything in between.


He cracks me up. In this present day world of chaos and yuck, we can all use some joy. I hope pictures of my silly Wheatie in his various sleeping “flops” brings a little chuckle to your day…


And then there is just him being completely adorable…and a bit of a goofball..


I love my boy. It amazes me how far he’s come in the last (almost) 4 years. He’s such a character. He made me work for his love, and I don’t regret a single second! I earned his trust, and he gave me so much love in return. He is pure joy. My love.

Oooo that face!!

Another Season has Ended


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Hello Friends!

Hecla Come AgainAnother camping season has come to an end…sniff sniff.  Our seasonal site closed Sept 16th and I had booked a couple more weekend jaunts at other campgrounds BUT Ma Nature wasn’t playing along so I cancelled. It’s no fun spending a camping weekend being cold AND wet, and given that it’s a canvas pop up camper with no heat source except for what the dogs and I create from our own bodies… +2 degrees Celsius and raining is not worth trying to get in one more weekend. I think we’d rather curl up on the couch at home (warm & dry) and watch a movie on the W Network! Hecla Waves

Sunset & Thunder StormsIt’s always sad to say good bye to another season. It’s goes too fast! One minute it’s the beginning of July and we’re complaining about how stifling hot it is and the next minute we’re 3 weeks till the end and leaves are falling! When you start off on May long weekend it feels like you have so much time….and once mid August hits it feels like it’s over in a blink. Done. Pack up.

We had a great season, plenty of hot Summer days, lots of hiking and beach exploring and lots of resting. This season was all about rest for me. Since losing my Mum in December, this year has been very difficult for me. Getting away to the camper for the weekends was the rest I needed. Camping is always an escape for me, a time to unplug, be in nature, and chill the eff out…but this season I needed it even more. When the season started in May I was suffering from insomnia quite bad. During the week I was sleeping maybe 2 hours a night, but once I got to the camper and had the quiet and fresh air I was sleeping most of the night and I felt no guilt whatsoever to lay down and have a nap with the dogs after a hike. So not only was it my escape, it was a place to sleep. Napping in a Sunbeam

Wheaton is such a camper dog.  This was his fourth season of camping and hiking. He loves it. The things he’s taken to so easily, given his puppy mill background, still amazes me. We are trusting each other more with the off leash time. *His recall is actually better than Daisy’s…it could be because he is way more food motivated than she is*.  He loves exploring and following his nose into all sorts of stinky things…like fish carcasses on the beach, dead frogs in the grass, goose poop…sniff it, eat it, roll in it…it’s all the same. He’s just such a funny little character.

And, did I mention handsome. He’s such a handsome boy. He’s only been our little fella Car Ride Snugglefor (almost) 4 years (anniversary of our adoption day coming in November) but it feels like he’s always been here. He’s just my funny little dude. I think Daisy even loves him now!! She snuggles in tight to him on the 2 1/2 hour car ride, and he loves it!!

I’m so blessed to be their human. I have more stories…but I’ll save it for the next blog entry.

Till next time…

With love & kindness,

Jenn, Daisy & Wheaton


Busy & AntiSocial


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How many times have I sat at the keyboard thinking, “I’m going to write a blog entry today” only to find myself 3 weeks later thinking the same thing, again.
Life is busy right? I’m sure everyone feels the same. And when it’s not busy, we’re exhausted from the busy. We spend all this time feeling like we’re running in a circle chasing our tail, and then when we catch it, we fall asleep with it in our mouths.
So, blog, well actually I wrote this early Saturday morning sitting at the campsite but with no internet I saved it for the copy and paste!
Our seasonal camping time is coming to an end, only 2 more weekends left after this one….I will find another campground open later into the season so we can get a couple more fall camping trips in before everything closes, but I miss it already. The end is so depressing. Knowing that we’re going into 8 months of non camping season makes me feel so down.
Don’t get me wrong, I love winter and snow, I just hate not-camping.
Winter camping is on my bucket list, it wouldn’t be in the camper though.
Peek a BooAnyway, this blog is about Wheaton so let me tell you how he’s doing…
He’s such a character. We were at a little park last weekend, known for off leash but not actually off leash…we were in a more quiet end so I had the fur littles off leash and they were having fun in the brush getting good and dirty and full of burrs and twigs, and then I saw people in the distance with a bigger dog, it looked to be a border collie type. As they neared within shouting distance I asked “is your dog friendly?” Ready to test the “Wheaton’s better with new dogs when off his leash” theory. “Yes” came their reply. And we both had some relief as our dogs playfully barked and approached each other. Their dog, also a jerk when on leash (their same words), was approachable and Wheaton, though still barking, bounced toward the strange dog, his tail up and not tucked, his bounce playful and curious….
It’s so good to see him just be a dog. Not an anxious defender, not a scared insecure fraidy cat. Mister Handsome
We haven’t been to the little dog play group for months so he hasn’t been around other dogs for off leash play for a while. Play group is Sunday’s (we’re usually just getting home from camping) and Tuesday’s (I’ve been staying at work late on Tuesdays).
We have plenty of our own hikes and wilderness walks just not big on the group activities right now. I’m not an overly social person to begin with, and grief and depression brings my introvert out (or should I say keeps my introvert in…haha…introvert joke there).
The point was, he played nice with a strange dog off leash. I don’t know what ever happened to him in his mill years, we know it wasn’t good,  or what goes through his mind when he’s restrained and sees another dog but 4 years of love and safety and nothing bad ever happening to him has not erased that anxiousness he has, and may always have, and that’s ok with me. I’m not gonna push him.
Car Ride SnuggleSomething else to mention, and I love when this happens, Daisy initiating the snuggle with him. For 4 years Wheaton has been wiggling and sneaking himself into Daisy’s personal space. Sometimes she stays and lets him curl up with her, sometimes she gives him a huff, followed by the stink eye, and then she moves to another spot….. but lately, while in the car seat bed, she had been snuggling up to him …and it is so cute!

He loves it!! He looks up at me and the look on his face is just pure calm bliss. He loves his sister, his Daisy, and when she snuggles up to him he knows she loves him too!Car Ride Home

I sure don’t know what I ever did to be so blessed to share my life with these two little beasts but I’ll take it! I’m so lucky. I’m so grateful. They are the loves of my life. I want 40 more years, even then I’ll always want more.

Thanks for sticking around and patiently waiting for the next Wheaton update, we’re still here.


The Snout of Communication


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I think one of my favourite things about Wheatie, and there are so many, is that when he gets excited he “snouts” me. He nudges me with his snout, sometimes his mouth is open sometimes it’s closed, it’s not a bite, it’s like someone trying to pull your arm to take you somewhere, except he doesn’t have a hand to grab my sleeve so he uses his snout! It could be when he’s excited about a walk, it could be just when I get home, sometimes it’s because it’s meal time or he’s just excited and playing and he wants me to join in.It is always done when he’s excited. He snouts my legs. img_6836

Now, I’m sure some trainer somewhere is going to say this is some sign of bad behaviour or something….like an act of aggression cause he’s using his mouth and maybe I shouldn’t reward this snout nudging… It could maybe fall under the same behaviour grouping as jumping up, which I know is not encouraged.


But…yeah, whatever. He’s so happy when he does it, he’s so playful and full of joy in that moment, I’m just gonna enjoy his communication!  To be fair, given his background, he doesn’t get reprimanded much, the slightest raise to my voice and his tail goes right between his legs and you can see he gets fearful. He’s still so scared of so many things. Honestly, besides our on the leash issue around other dogs and him still barking at his reflection, Wheaton is very well behaved. His recall is better than Daisy’s. When I say “Stop” he stops, almost instantly. If I call him, he comes to me. Daisy doesn’t do anything she doesn’t want to do unless she sees the treat up front. She doesn’t fall for the “maybe Momma has a treat this time” trick at all! Wheaton always has hope that there could be a treat!! Snout

I’m use to Daisy being excited to see me and wanting to cuddle and snuggle….so if I get home and Wheaton is excited enough to give me a snout nudge, I’ll take it!

And be very happy to have been “snouted”!!

Camping Begins with Something Unexpected…


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May Long, a weekend we all (im)patiently wait for, the countdown beginning somewhere around February 7th! Then, after Easter, when we get that first little brush with “Spring” and we all get antsy!  You know that fake out that Mother Nature sends us late March where the snow starts melting and the sun is high and the temperature goes above freezing….and we all venture outside with just a light sweater on!! Maybe we even pull out the BBQ just to get a little flavour of warmer Summer days that are coming! We crack open the windows, we get going on “Spring Cleaning”…. And then 2 days later, it snows again!

For me the joy is that Camping season opens but typically May Long is a miserable weekend….however, we all have high hopes, we pull our campers out and we cross our fingers that it WON’T rain (or snow) ALL weekend! Even the non-religious of the campers pray to some type of weather God on May Long Weekend!! It doesn’t matter though, we are all itching to get out and do something, anything, summer related!!

For 30 years I have been packing up and going camping on this sacred weekend…rain or shine, or in some cases, snow or torrential downpour with hurricane like winds, very rarely is it a gorgeous weekend from start to finish…but this year it was!!  I guess sometimes those prayers work!!

We did something different this year, something I wouldn’t normally do because it’s the first trip of the season, and for seasonal, it’s set up weekend…..but yes, we brought a guest. Don’t get excited & hopeful, it was a canine guest! I swore I would NEVER bring Bailey the Min Pin camping…she’s just too much energy for our little camper.

I believe the expression is “Never say “never”!” Because you see, my friends were in a bind, I’m their dog-sitter, their daughter had a volleyball tournament and it was May Long weekend….

*** Sidebar, I have a difficult time saying “no” to people who need my help.***

So along came Bailey the Min Pin! She’s actually much better now, and my fur littles are much better with her as well. She is just a way higher frequency of energy than my furballs…and Daisy has a very low tolerance for high energy in her space! Daisy wants everyone to “chill the f**k out”. (No idea where she gets that attitude from????)

But we did it! I fit all the “stuff” in the car, along with Bailey in her kennel! And we were off!

Camping with Bailey May long 2018 - 1We got to the campground, backed the trailer up into position and then the set up began. I brought the dogs out of the car, put out their dog beds and secured their tie out ropes and then went about my business to get unloaded and the trailer ready.

A few minutes late, I turned around and there was Bailey the Min Pin….making herself right at home on the top of the picnic table! She reminded me of someone on lookout in the Crow’s Nest! She found the highest point to keep an eye on everything! Those ears are always up, those eyes are always open, and she has big time “FOMO” (Fear Of Missing Out).

She also cannot sit still, so she managed to get her tie out rope in knots every 5 minutes! My dogs only move to reposition their sleeping position!

Anyway, we had a great May Long! The sun shined on us every day….seriously! Not a drop of rain….amazing! We hiked the trails, we walked the rocky shoreline, we (tried) to sit and read in peace!!  All in all, I’m pretty sure our guest had a great time with us. I wouldn’t volunteer to bring her again but I wouldn’t say no if my friends were in a pinch again, now that I know it’s doable.

We all survived being in a tiny camper with Bailey the Min Pin!!

Wheaton Gets Sociable!


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We tried something new a couple weeks ago…we went to a dog park.


Let me explain…

I have a friend who is a dog trainer. She also organizes a weekly occurring small dog play group. In the summer the dogs play off leash in a safe fenced in area of the off leash dog park. This is a great (secured) open space where puppies, or dogs with unreliable recall, or small dogs that don’t do well with an over zealous 70+ pound shepherd/lab/rotti/husky/what-have-you cross in their faces, or a dog like Wheaton, can do very well with off leash freedom & safe play!!

To be honest, at first I was very worried that Wheaton was going to still be a jerk when I took his leash off…even though other experiences had lead me to believe that his jerkiness is anxiety not aggression. As a human with anxiety, I get it, anxiety makes me an asshole too! I got your back there Wheatie Boy!!

Anyway, my friend was offering an “I’m an Asshole on my Leash” training session – No not the actual name of her training lesson but yes…basically this was what I needed so that I could help Wheaton with his issue. Well, our timing didn’t work out that day so we we missed the training but we did get there in time to join the play group.  Of course, all the way across the open area of the dog park (on his leash) Wheaton was barking and freaking out….and I was just hoping and praying he wasn’t putting a big target on our backs as I just wanted to get across the field and get to the penned in area.

We made it, we went in the gate, the moment of truth……

I took off his leash. Off he went sniffing, calm and curious about these other little dogs. Daisy by his side.

This was success. This experience made me feel so happy for him! His first real play with a group of strange dogs and he did so well!! I was such a proud Momma!! Yes, he and Daisy were a bit aloof but that’s perfectly fine….not everyone needs to be a social butterfly!! 🙂

Nothing else mattered but this look…..Dog Play 5this is the look of a happy Wheaton!  I swear he is smiling. He is not intimidated, he is not afraid, he is not nervous or anxious or concerned about anything else but sniffin other dog butts and peeing on stuff…oh yeah, and, “if all these other humans have these little pouches around their waist like my Momma does…does that mean they ALL want to give me a treat!!??!”

Momma’s good boy!