Let’s just get this out there right now….I dress my dogs in outfits. There. Said it.

But, in my defense, the outfits are practical and weather related! Our winters are damn cold here in Winnipeg!! So I’m talking sweaters, long johns, parkas, boots, snowsuits….hand knitted cowl necked scarves…you know…the necessities! The more comfortable the fur littles are, the better our walks will be! There is a reason remember, weather permitting, we’re walking for a minimum of 15 minutes, 3 times a day, even in the dead of winter!
So…Mister Wheaton had to get use to wearing a sweater and some boots on his feet. He was so happy to go outside and walk and play that I think he just ignored the hassle of the dress code.

It was only close to mid November when he came to us so Winter hadn’t fully  kicked in yet. He had some time to acclimatize! I’ve never been to Missouri (where he was rescued from) but I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t drop to minus 40 degrees Celsius there!

For a dog that didn’t trust humans, or understand that touch doesn’t have to hurt, he did great with letting me put a sweater and boots on him. I just had to go S-L-O-W. Whenever I would try to touch his back feet he tucked them in under himself as tight as he could….so much fear. I had to be so careful and so gentle. I asked him permission, “Wheatie, may I have your back foot so I can put your boot on? I promise it won’t hurt.”  I needed him to get use to my touch and my voice and to know that he was never…EVER…going to be hurt again!!

Then cool winter days became COLD winter days…..we needed more substantial seasonal wear!

Wheaton in his jimjam long-johns!

Wheaton in his jimjam long-johns!

Yes…long johns! I have to admit that sometimes I leave them in their jimjams for a little while because it makes me happy!!!!  Don’t judge!

Dog sweaters only cover the front, leaving their back legs and bums open to freezing cold winds so yes we layer! It’s all about layering! And on REALLY ridiculously cold days…we’re talking minus 30 degrees and colder…the full bodied snowsuits come out (notice the cowl neck scarves….I’m really good at knitting rectangles)!

By now he lets me dress him without hesitating. Like Daisy, he’s even started to give me his paws in the right order to get dressed! Repetition is a great training tool! Same process, same order, same foot every time…if Daisy had thumbs she could dress herself!

Next time….Daisy copes with having a little brother…..