Daisy has been an only child for over 8 years. People say she’s “spoiled” but I think that word is ridiculous….my dog is loved how (I think) a dog should be loved! She is my family, she lives a very comfortable life. “Spoiled” makes me think of Paris Hilton carrying around a Chihuahua that’s wearing a diamond encrusted collar, in a $50,000 Hermès Birkin handbag and feeding it caviar from a crystal dish.  That’s RIDICULOUS! Daisy may be my baby but I do know she is still a dog with dog needs!!


I mentioned before how I hmmm’d and haaaa’d about finding a second dog that would fit our life. That’s because once you’ve had a dog for several years…especially if it’s just you and that dog…you form a very unique bond. Daisy is my soul dog. We’re a team. The idea that a new dog could possibly change that dynamic scared the hell out of me. There are days when Daisy is ALL I’ve got! Part of that is what scares me too…it’s almost a guarantee that I’m going to outlive my dog.  One day I will have to say good-bye to her. And the idea of being without her completely breaks me. I’m tearing up just typing that. So, not that having another dog fills the empty space left….as any human who has loved a dog knows, that is impossible….but the idea of being dog-less is a void I don’t think I could handle! Dogs change your life! Before Daisy I had a cat for 16 years. Bruiser was my kitty baby! Born practically right on my lap and with me through over a dozen moves…several boyfriends…and everything in between! After losing her to kidney disease, coming home to no furry greeting or cuddles was devastating.

And then I saw that picture of that dirty, scruffy, scared Wheaton and thought, “I wonder if he’s the dog we’re looking for?”  Turns out he was!

Now, of course if Daisy could talk I’m sure she’d say….”Having a little brother is a pain in the butt!”. I never had a little brother, but from what I’ve seen and heard is that while growing up, as a girl, little brothers can be total jerks! It’s a boy thing!!  They’re dirty and pushy and bratty and always want what you’ve got. Yup. That’s pretty much how Wheaton treats Daisy! If she’s in the dog bed…he needs to be in there too…even if she sits right in the middle thinking she’s got the whole thing to herself…like a little jerk he just pushes himself in there! I find it adorable of course! Watching him love Daisy so much that he just wants to be close to her…adorable right!


When we go for walks he’s out front peeing on everything…and if Daisy stops to sniff anything he barges over and pees on it. If she’s peeing on something…he tries to pee on it too, sometimes at the same time and I’ve had to stop him from peeing ON HER!  He’s got to get in there first, sniff it, pee on it, walk through it…he just has to do it first! And she just changes course, steps around, looks at me as if to say, “he’s such a jerk” and then keeps going.

She is a good “big sister” though. She’s been a great example of how to be a real dog. Before he was comfortable enough to be the little “jerk” brother, he looked to her for how to do things. He shadowed her everywhere.

She does have some “non negotiables”. One is with me, she gets the “prime” lap spot. No matter how comfortable he’s getting she ALWAYS gets first pick of momma’s lap….he can cozy up after. The second is her squirrel. The squirrel is Daisy’s “special” toy (aka humping toy) and she does NOT share the squirrel! The other big one is what I call “chewies”…whether it’s those bully sticks or her favourite dental chews….she gets first pick and first chew…and when she’s finished he may chew.

Watching them play is something that makes my heart happy. Dog play is something that we humans can never match. You may play with your dog and wrestle and run and jump but it’s not meeting the same need as play with other dogs. Daisy and Wheatie have a great play aspect. It’s fun to watch them run and chase and wrestle each other….even better when they both willingly curl up in the dog bed together and have a little after play nap! I love that they’re buddies.

IMG_4464  IMG_4504

More cooperative snuggling. It’s these moments that make my heart so happy!

Up next…..Wheaton meets the whole damn family!