It was approaching Christmas and I was panicking, what was I going to do with Wheaton!??? He is not fully housebroken and he is terrified of people.

As with most families/households, the holidays are busy. My parents split long, long ago so Christmas is divided – Dad’s side for Christmas Eve and Mum’s side for Christmas Day.  Wheaton had still not been around a lot of people and Christmas with my family is loud and busy!! We’re not a quiet bunch! I didn’t want to scare him more….I had just spent the last month being calm and patient and earning his trust!


The dilemma was that family Christmas time is an all day extravaganza! The visiting, the eating, the gifts, the eating, the games, did I mention the eating!! I didn’t want to leave the dogs at home by themselves!!

So I called my Dad & my step-mom and talked to them about it. We worked out a plan for Christmas Eve. Then I called my aunt (my mum’s sister) and talked to her about Christmas Day. What if Wheaton pooped on the floor??? My aunt’s reply was, “No big deal…dogs poop…we’ll clean it up”.

The bonus here is that we’re all “dog people”.

The the holidays hit, Christmas Eve worked perfectly. While things were chaotic, the dogs stayed in a little room off the main hallway with a baby gate across the door. Able to see and hear but have their own space. When things quieted down they got to come out and Wheaton did great. He even relaxed enough to enjoy some pets and snuggles. It was a late night and the dogs were exhausted by the time we got home but no body pooped on the floor and no body freaked out! Phew. One event done.

Wheaton bonding with my sister,  "Auntie Karlynne"

Wheaton bonding with my sister, “Auntie Karlynne”

Christmas day went well. They didn’t have to get quarantined to their own room….it’s a smaller group of us on that side of the family. It was still a lot for Wheaton to take in, and surprisingly, it was my aunt’s dog who threw up on the floor in front of everyone…not my dog!! As the day quieted down it came around to supper so I took the dogs home to rest on their own and went back for dinner.

the festivities have wiped us out!

the festivities have wiped us out!

It was a crazy couple of days but he handled it so well! Everyone loved him! How could they not…he’s the sweetest little shy boy!

Another great part about the holidays is that our office closes from December 23rd until after New Year’s so I got to be home with the dogs a lot! There was one day where I had to take my turn and “man” the office in case something happened so I brought both the dogs with me…as a test run! It went fine. My boss came in later that same day and I talked to him about bringing both dogs to work when we resumed regular hours after the new year. My boss pretty much agrees to anything that makes me happy…the bonus for him is that if the dogs are at work with me I can stay later! It’s a win/win situation. My boss is a smart man! A happy Jenn is good thing!

Up next….Wheaton joins the workforce….