I have had this great luxury of being able to bring my dog to work. Everybody loves Daisy! We have clients who actually ask if Daisy will be there when they come for their appointment. I assumed this luxury would end by adding a second dog to my family. But I convinced my boss to let them both come….it helps that;  

A) the two of them together barely make 1 regular sized dog 

B) they’re frickin adorable 

C) we come back to that happy Jenn, happy office thing 

I put a baby gate across my office door so he can’t escape and for the first little while every time I left my office to go make a photocopy he’d pee on the carpet. Even if we had just been outside!  So if I was going into a meeting I’d put his “diaper/pad belt” on….poor dude. It’s been a couple months now, he’s getting better. He hates meeting new people with his diaper belt on….who wouldn’t! 

The best part is the 20 minutes of playing him and Daisy do first thing when we get to the office, it’s hilarious! We get in early…usually there by 7:20…so no one else is in yet but me, my boss and the dogs…..no baby gate necessary so they just chase each other around the whole office! Once people start showing up its lockdown time! I refer to my office as their “gated community” but Daisy is not falling for it! She hates being contained. She likes some freedom to wander, find the office sunbeam, check on and bark at the couriers and the water delivery guy. She also likes to go searching for random belly rubs and maybe….someone to share their lunch with her! Lockdown prevents this…and I think she resents Wheaton just a bit for stealing her office freedom. 

I’m lucky, I know, to have both my dogs coming to my office with me. To have the chance to take them for a nice lunch time walk through the park down the street. To have coworkers who like my dogs and give them…well Daisy…plenty of belly rubs! Pretty cool. It also saves me from sitting at work all day, watching the clock to make sure I get everything done in time to get home to them….and worrying about them. Being able to bring the dogs to work has definitely helped the bonding. The fact that we’re together all day instead of them being left at home is a gift that I am so grateful for every single day. People always say,”You get to bring both your dogs to work with you!!? Wow, are you ever lucky!” 

Ya. I really am. 

My very, very most favourite part is…….doggy snuggle breaks whenever I feel the need! Or whenever they feel the need!!


Coming up…..Wheaton discovers his voice….