I knew when I got him in November that Wheaton needed a professional grooming.

The vets and the rescue team had cleaned him up and trimmed some of his matted fur but he feared the bath and he needed a real shave! I got in the tub with him and bathed him 3 times from the time he arrived to the actual grooming appointment months later. I trimmed off more of his matted fur and clipped his nails a few times. He did alright but the groomer doesn’t get IN the tub with him so I knew I needed to work on comforting touch with him for a bit longer before I handed him over to stranger with clippers!

So I finally made the appointment in February for a day I had off and our lovely groomer came in on her day off so that Wheaton would be her only client that morning….this provided a peaceful quiet room and plenty of time to go nice and slow with him.  One of his panic “triggers” is any tautness on a collar. He is fine with a leash and a harness but if you pull on the leash with a collar, this sets him off into panic circles. I’m sure this goes back to his abusive cage days.  Usually a groomer uses a collar on a post to keep the dog restrained on the grooming table….this would not be an option for Wheaton. That was fine….our groomer told me just to stay and hold him. Then we started the process. First the paw-dicure. He gave each paw like a good boy. A bit hesitant with his back feet but still let her trim and file. Then the bath. Her grooming tub is lined so it wasn’t slippery and he did great with the bath. Followed by the blow dry which he sat for like a champ! So far so good! But now was the noisy clipper and the snippy scissors.

Let me just say, our groomer is a wonderful lady. Her name is Sue Nestruck and she works out of The Best West Pet Food store on St. Anne’s Road, conveniently at the top of our street. She’s gentle and patient and caring….we absolutely love her! In the first year, I took Daisy to several other groomers around the city but none of them handled my girl as nicely as Sue handles her. We love Sue! We love our Best West store period! My dogs are the store babies! We walk up there almost every day to say hi and get treats! They are well loved!

Anyway…the grooming. Wheaton was such a little trooper! A few times he pulled back and turned to me and stood up to be held….he just needed a cuddle break…and then I would put him back on the table and he would let Sue continue.

When it was all said and done, this was the finished look…….

So dapper! He was a new dog!! I think he was pretty proud of his look! We got home and Daisy barked at him like she didn’t recognize him!! Sniffing at him and checking him out! Probably secretly mocking him about being practically “naked”.

I was so proud of him. He did better than I had even imagined…..and he smelled so nice!!

As for Daisy…no worries…it was her turn a few weeks later…..

IMG_4523 IMG_4533