Ok. Here’s where it gets real and I confess my frustrations.

A dog who has spent 4 years in a cage urinating and defecating whenever it needs to, without having a right or wrong place to do this, has really no idea why it can’t just stop and pee when it needs to. Like in the living room. On the rug. Right in front of you. Even though you just went for an hour long walk and it peed 37 times!!

That’s my boy!! This is one of the most frustrating parts. I can’t get him to stop this. And I know I have successfully house trained a dog!!! I got Daisy when she was 11 weeks old and had her completely pee trained in 3 weeks. We had a system. It worked!! But Wheaton is different. He just pees. He has no signals. No idea to ask to go outside. When we do go out, he does great on walks…pees on every tree, pole, fence, fire hydrant, snow bank, car tire…etc. And I know he can hold it! He holds it all night in bed. He just doesn’t know.

He doesn’t understand that momma really doesn’t appreciate when he stops and pees right in the middle of the living room rug. Or the hallway rug… or the hallway laminate flooring when the rug is being washed! He has pee pads and he uses them for the most part but there are moments when he just stops and pees. Especially after he and Daisy have just finished playing…he really likes to just squat and pee…the trouble is I don’t always know when they’re done playing or when they’re just taking a break so I never know when the pee is coming. And I don’t have the convenience of just opening the door and shooing them outside with direct access to a fenced in yard. Going out for a pee break requires some warning!!

I try so hard to keep up with him. I know that in the evening he will need an “in between pee”…meaning, while Daisy is fine between the after work walk & the before bed walk…Wheaton is not…he will need a quick jaunt outside. No problem! I also know that on the weekend he needs a few extra in between breaks. When they come to work we take a break and go out for a quick pee and a nice long walk at lunch. I have no issue with the extras! I give him kibble rewards for this…as the pats & ear scratches are not quite a reward for him yet.

I have come to terms with the fact that there will be at least one “surprise” waiting to be cleaned up as soon as I arrive home. Usually it’s on his pee pad. Except when we have my dad’s dog Toby over…like right now…then there is pee on Toby’s bed or beside Toby’s bed…I know that’s a “boy thing”.  Wheaton wants Toby to know that this is HIS house!

It’s the right in front of me…blatant pee. My favourite one is 15 minutes after we’ve just come in from a walk….like he didn’t get it ALL out….there’s just a little saved for the hallway! Oh wait…maybe my favouite is when I step in poop in the hallway right after we’ve been out for a walk. Hmmm…hard to say.

We had a good day this past Saturday. I took them all for a nice long walk and then went to yoga. They were on their own for 3 hours and there was no pee!! Not even on the pad!! Yay!! I immediately took them out and gave him a treat for peeing outside. I don’t think he puts the two together yet.

I’m not going to kennel him all day (if they’re staying home instead of coming to work). He already spent 4 years in a cage….a kennel is not his “safe” place. Plus Daisy doesn’t require kenneling. He may always be a pee pad dog…that I can come to terms with. The “look at me and squat to pee on the carpet”…..we gotta make some progress on THAT!

I love this little scruff mutt and he melts my heart every day…..

But please Wheatie…momma wants you to stop peeing on the rug!