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Every time I thought about getting a second dog I imagined Daisy having a buddy. A pal to play with and to cuddle with and to run around with. As the years passed and a second dog still had not appeared I wondered if it was necessary…maybe it wasn’t even possible…maybe I loved my Daisy girl too much and I wasn’t allowing myself to have the open mind and heart for finding a second dog?

Have I mentioned I’m an “over-thinker”?

When Wheaton came out of his travel kennel that first day, in my kitchen with the rescue gals, I saw this sad, scared, scruffy dog. I had no idea what he would think of Daisy or what Daisy would think of him. He really wanted nothing to do with humans….he was terrified…but oh did he ever want Daisy to play with him!!! He gave a little low ruff snort thing…he tapped his front paws on the floor and wiggled his back end….like saying, “come play with me”. Daisy was curious but she was hesitant. She was answering, “Who are you and why are you in my house?”

He took to Daisy instantly. Loved HER. He shadowed her every move. I was just in the way! Daisy tolerated him. She wouldn’t let him touch her toys. She didn’t want him near me. When we went for a walk he would try to be next to her and she would stop and move over. But something in my gut told me this was working…give it time!


I mentioned, in an earlier post about the dogs coming to work, that I left him on his own the first two days and took Daisy to work with me and it was utter chaos when I got home. He panicked when left alone. Of course…he’d never been left alone!! When I left Daisy at home with him that third day and all was fine when I got home I knew it was all good.  I confirmed the adoption and paid his fee and signed all the forms…then….less than two weeks later I came home to find them curled up in one dog bed together!!! Best sight. I let out that breath I’d been figuritively holding.

IMG_4193 – sharing the new dog bed

Sharing the office sunbeam

Sharing the office sunbeam

Now they are buddies. Daisy still growls at him when he tries to get close to me but he just inches his way over slower. He insists on following her everywhere and being RIGHT beside her! In fact, never mind beside her…he practically sits on her. He’s always watching her…she eats…he eats, when we go for a walk she pees, he pees, she sniffs a tree…he sniffs the tree. If I pick her up and carry her, he walks right beside me looking up at her waiting for me to put her back down. He just loves her.


The best has been the play! Daisy loves to play but not all of her dog buddies share her enthusiasm. Wheaton does this thing where he puts his paw on Daisy. It’s his “let’s play” conversation. Then he taps his front paws on the floor. She growls at him….and then it’s ON!!!! They chase….they wrestle….they lay on the couch or the bed face to face and mouth wrestle, biting each other’s ears and chins, which is lazy play for when they’re too tired to chase! And now she’s instigating the play! She starts with a growl and then a nudge….he nudges back…and off they go again. A couple weekends ago they wrestled, in bed, on top of me, for almost 15 minutes straight!! It makes my heart happy. My girl and my boy. Buddies.

And like typical siblings….they play, they fight and then they cuddle up and fall asleep on the couch together!!