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The other day at work, Wheaton woke up from a little nap and came over to me and nudged my leg. I took that as a communication so I dropped everything and put his harness on to go for a walk. We got outside, he peed. I have no idea if he did it on purpose to tell me or if he was just nudging for the sake of nudging. Whatever. He communicated something, that’s good enough!

He is getting better. There has been a lot less of him coming into the living room, looking right at me and squatting for a pee on the rug lately! That’s progress!

As for obedience or manners training…I have a clicker….I also have a ziploc of training treats…these two items work well as tools…IF you remember to bring them with you when you go out! Alas, I do not.

Hmmm…I think I might need some training?

So yes. The nudging. Sir nudges me for food. He loves to tell me I’m not getting the food to him fast enough! He’s a very food motivated dog. Daisy could care less 85% of the time, although, since having Sir-Eats-Alot around she has learned to pay more attention to feeding time. No more of this “just leave it, I’ll come back later” option. When it comes to food…and Wheaton…there is no LATER. I wonder if he’ll eventually realize that he doesn’t NEED to eat ALL the food…in 5 hours there will be another meal! Will he EVER be FULL??? Do I need to feed him more??

Lip smacking & chops licking after an exceptionally great supper of raw meats, rice & pumpkin….it was a very sloppy meal…they had their whole faces right in there!! 

Nudging just may be his language….and it is adorable. I feel this jab on my leg…I look down and see this face….

I mean…come on….that face gets me every time!!! It’s like he just says, “Hey there.” (BTW I hear a certain voice for Wheaton too…it’s kind of like the abominable snowman voice in the Looney Tunes cartoons.)

Whatever he is trying to say, I’m trying to hear.

This is why when he woke up and nudged me I figured he was telling me something…and just in case that something was, “Hey lady, I gotta pee” I took him out.

I guess we’ll see if that’s his signal??