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I love my dogs so much I’m buying them a new car. Seriously, that’s what it’s basically coming down to. Some people up-size their vehicle when the baby comes, or when the second, third, fourth child arrives…..

I need to upgrade from a 2 door Civic coupe to a 4 door SUV. Well…to be honest I don’t NEED to…it would just make life a little easier. It’s totally a convenience thing. Daisy knows to get in and climb over to get into the back and get buckled into her seat belt….Wheaton…he’s just learning how to sit in the car. He does enjoy the car ride…but he doesn’t always sit still.

Subaru XV CrossTrek

Subaru XV CrossTrek

This is the vehicle I’m looking at getting. I’m gonna take the dogs on the next test drive….sounds silly but I don’t care! They’re my kids and I have to make sure they can get in and out and be comfortable! Not even kidding.

So yes. I’ve been busy researching and test driving vehicles so that my DOGS can have a better car experience! There is another reason. Next year I’m hoping to add a very small tent camper trailer to our lives. Also, an upgrade with the dogs in mind. The Civic would pull it. It’s made to be towed by a Smart Car…but it would cause warranty issues to put a hitch on the Civic. So cross over , compact SUV here we come.

Jenn's TrailerInside Jenn's trailer - actual

Don’t get me wrong….I honestly love being in a tent…on the ground…the basics….but the last two years I have been caught in some wicked bad thunder/wind/rain storms and Miss Daisy and I have had to spend 9 hours sitting in the Honda Civic waiting it out or be woken up in the middle of the night and have to move all the bedding and stuff to the car cause we need better shelter during a night storm. Sleeping in the back of the Honda was fine…thank goodness I’m only 4’11”. But I can’t imagine having to do any of that with her & Wheaton. The little camper is basically a bed and a bench, the inside picture is from the doorway. It’s purely functional.

Yes. Upgrades and changes. Some in the works as I type (like the Subaru deal) and some for next year (the trailer) and we move forward.

Coming soon….Wheaton gets to go camping in a tent this year…and we will do some hiking!! Stay tuned…