Daisy and I are campers. Daisy has been camping with me since she was an itty bitty pup. She did her first hike at 4 months old. To say she’s a pro would be an understatement. She Loves it. She transforms into this scrappy, rugged little dog when we get out in the wilderness. 

Camping and hiking are a BIG part of our Summer. I’d rather use my vacation days to go sleep in a tent in the woods than a 5 star hotel. 

So, this is Wheaton’s first camp.  We arrived late in the afternoon the first day. The weather was perfect. Here are the kids waiting for camp to be set up.

 Now, just cause I like tenting doesn’t mean I don’t like comfort! I wouldn’t call it “glamping” but we’re cozy! Seriously….the dogs have their own dog tent shelter! If I had to carry it all into the bush to camp rough…I would have to downsize by like 80%!! Whatever….we’re here for 5 days. You need some comfort! šŸ˜‰

Gull Habour, Hecla Island, here in my lovely province of Manitoba, has become my favourite camping location. I am a creature of habit so I book the same campsite…..it’s big, and surrounded by bushes on all sides. Minimal camp neighbours on three sides….I can’t do anything about the campers across the road. 

The best part about Hecla is the dog beach. Yup. Dog beach. And it’s a big beach too. So, being the sunworshipper that I am, it’s the best of all my worlds coming together!

**we have since been on a second camping trip so I will need to post more stories and more pics.