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We had our second camping trip. Wheaton is getting good at this camping thing!

2015-07-03 11.55.30

Last Monday was my first day back at work and I biked so the doggies stayed home. When I leave them on their own, and then come home, Daisy is so excited to see me…she runs to the door, she stands on her hind legs, she licks me, she wants pets…it’s great to come home to that kind of energy; to be missed THAT much makes any bad day vibe disappear! Wheaton runs to the door…he’s excited but he’s still scared and unsure…he seems to want to do more like Daisy but if I reach out he moves away still….until last Monday. On that Monday he came running to the door with Daisy and I reached out to give Daisy pets…and then I reached out to pet him and he let me! He turned so I could pet him and rub his back! “oh what a good boy!!!!!”

And then, as if letting me pet him wasn’t enough….

Wheaton has been peeing on his pee pad just once throughout the day for the last month or so….sometimes if I’m a bit late he may pee twice. Well….on this same Monday, I went and checked his pad and nothing!!! First time ever in almost 8 months….he waited ALL day for me to get home and did NOT pee!! I was over the moon!!!!!

And then….yes…there’s more lovely breakthroughs…this past Friday we were having a little lie in, we always have a morning snuggle, but on days off we have a major cuddle fest! Wheaton comes up close, sits on me and lets me slowly reach out and pet him and then Daisy and he wrestle. Well, not only did he let me pet him…he rolled over and gave me his tummy! He asked for a BELLY RUB!!! As a rescue, with years of abuse and neglect and horrible conditions….he rolled over and exposed his soft little vulnerable tummy to me!!! I right away rubbed his belly…while slowly reaching for the camera of course. I couldn’t believe he was doing this. I have rubbed his tummy before but I have to show him what a belly rub is! This was hm, showing me he likes those belly rubs! He trusts me. My eyes got all wet. This was a HUGE deal for our connection…our bond. And it just so happens that Friday was our 8 month anniversary of having the Whee sir with us!

This may not be the “norm” yet…but all of this was a breakthrough….things are shifting for my little man and I am one very proud momma.

I love this little monkey. So, so glad he came into our lives!!