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A dear friend of mine, and her husband, had to go out of town for the weekend….they asked me to take care of their puppy. Zoe is a darling little 7 month old Daschund. She is a bundle of dynamite wrapped in gunpowder….sprinkled with adorable!!

This is her….sitting still….something she only does for about 4 1/2 minutes at a time…..

2015-07-24 11.32.43

Daisy hates high energy dogs. Hates them. Wheaton can’t believe there is a dog that wants to play more than he does. We went for a “bonding” walk as soon as Zoe got here. Wheaton barked in her face for 3/4 of a block…she kept jumping at him in response. Daisy hung back and kept to herself. Then they figured out that this was NOT what the walk was for…I was not letting them carry on like monkeys!! I’m such a tough momma!!

But it worked. We all got into a walk groove.

Then we headed out to “the ranch” to see my aunt & uncle. Wheaton and Zoe had to be tethered and tied so no running away….Daisy got to be free….so she could have her space! Zoe never tires. She is like a smooth, silky slinky!

2015-08-06 09.56.34 2015-07-24 11.15.272015-07-23 17.30.23

Finally I thought I had exhausted the little wiener….we had had such a busy day my two were pooped right out….it was bedtime…I made the mistake of bringing the little slinky to bed with us. BIG mistake! It was like having an energetic weasel in bed. Under the covers, over the covers, to the bottom of the bed, to the top of the bed, in my face, in my armpit, everywhere…….Daisy and Wheaton united in their annoyance teamed together at the top of the bed to show their disapproval of this intrusive guest….

2015-07-24 22.18.16

That is the look of disgust times two!

Zoe the Dachshund was with us for three days…..and for Daisy and Wheaton that was three days too long! Maybe in a year she can visit again. :/