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Seriously! When Wheaton responds to me in a positive way, I am amazed…because I remember the day he came to us, terrified and shaking and cowering. Every day he shows me that he’s trusting me a little more. Now when it’s time to go for a walk, he comes to the door, turns around and sits for me to put his harness on. This is HUGE! This is a dog who wouldn’t let me touch him 9 months ago.

If I sit down, somewhere where he can’t jump up, he puts his paw out to get my attention….when I acknowledge him, he does his turn and sit. That’s his way of saying “ok momma…I’m ready to be picked up.” Really! 8 months ago, to catch him when he was free in the fenced backyard, I had to tire him out, corner him, and then approach slowly and scoop him up! Now he’s asking me to pick him up!

He watches Daisy and shadows how she does things. She is a great mentor for him. Of course he is still nervous and tense when you initiate touching and holding but he relaxes much quicker now. His ability to trust, after everything he’s been through, amazes me. The other day I was petting Daisy and Wheaton was standing there beside her and I just slowly reached out and gave him some pats, and then Daisy again, and then him…and he never even flinched.

Just last weekend we were camping with my aunt & uncle and their dog Thule. Wheatie was awesome! I was super nervous that he would pee in their trailer. I watched him like a hawk! He didn’t have a single accident! Not even in the screened in “add a room” where the outdoor carpeting seems close enough to outdoor grass! One evening we were inside the trailer and he came up behind me and nudged my calf….nudge nudge….I figured that meant something so I took him outside…he peed straight away! This is a big deal!
2015-08-03 16.37.48

Wheaton loves Thule. Not as much as he loves his Daisy….but she’s definitely his second favourite. Thule is getting old….12 now….so she moves a little slower and doesn’t walk as far as the little dogs. She has a great calm energy. And after having that little Zoe around a nice calm energy is welcome! The above picture is their two faces next to one another, sleeping in the backseat of the truck on the way home. He kept looking over at me and Daisy….I swear he smiles! He’s just so happy to be with his girls!

I love my furry little man.