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We have had a great Summer. 5 camping trips, averaging 5 days of camping per trip. I would like to get one more before Hecla/Gull Harbour closes the campgrounds on October 12th but I just can’t take more time from work and our last trip this past weekend was the best ever, so, I’m kinda worried I would jinx that camping mojo high that we finished on! Let’s just say that EVERY weekend, no matter what the weather forecast said on the Environment Canada website…it rained…except this last trip! Not only did we have the best site in the whole campground (even the camp office people said this) but 5 days and not a single drop of rain! The wind picked up Sunday night and it was a bit concerning the way the trees were swaying but, no storms, no rain, no thunder & lightning…the day I was packing up the sky was grey & it was chilly and halfway home it rained a bit….but this was the first time I packed up dry gear!! The bonus, for me, is that because kids have all gone back to school and families are finished with “summer holiday” stuff…the campground was empty! I love solitude. For me camping is quiet time, not crazy-screaming-loud-music time! The fact that we were the only campers in the whole bay, and maybe 1 of a dozen occupied sites left in the campground in general, didn’t bother me at all!

2015-09-14 15.59.16

The dogs had a great time!  We had access to the lake right off the back of our campsite so we climbed down and walked/explored the deserted stony shore for a few hours.  We stopped and sat down to sun ourselves for a bit and watch the waves rolling in around us.

2015-09-13 14.26.53

We had sunny days at the dog beach too, where I read a few books and the dogs napped .

2015-08-17 15.14.11

We had warm toasty fires to enjoy and unlike the rest of the season, this time of year is pretty much bug free so we could sit outside and enjoy the fire.

2015-09-14 20.15.26

We slept in and had many lazy morning snuggles in the tent, wrapped up in the cozy sleeping bag.

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All in all, there’s nothing I love more than my dogs…and no past time I enjoy more than camping. The fact that I get to enjoy the activity I love most, with the company I love most, is a gift!

Wheaton may never have camped before and the experience may have been new and odd but he took to it without a problem. I thought he’d pee in the tent. I thought he’d freak out and scratch at the tent if I had to leave them to go get something. I thought he’d be spooked by noises (since we are only in a nylon shell)! But he did none of that. He watched Daisy and followed her lead and we had a very successful and wonderful season!! Can’t wait till next year!! 2015-09-15 11.46.52

We will come back!!