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Wheaton is devoted to Daisy. He is Daisy’s shadow. Yeah…Daisy LOVES this fact! (that’s sarcasm) – see earlier blog entry “Little Brothers are Jerks” đŸ™‚

Last night while I was assembling a bed frame from IKEA…trust me…a whole other blog could be devoted to my love of assembling IKEA furniture…anyway…I had propped the mattress on its side to be out of the way. I piled all the bedding and the pillows under/behind the mattress. There was a little space between the mattress and the dresser and Daisy found her way in and made herself a cozy little nest in “fort like” conditions. Wheaton could not figure out where she was….he sat there sniffing the air and pacing back and forth beside the mattress. Then he peeked around the mattress and figured it out but would still not squeeze himself into the space. So now he knew that she was in there, but yet he just sat patiently waiting for her to come out. He’d walk over to me and look and pace around the various pieces of bed frame and then go back to stare at the little hole where his Daisy was resting on the other side.

Well, like anyone who has finally found some solitude in a day/week/month/life of chaos, there was NO WAY she was coming out of her little zen/blanket/duvet fort. I peeked over the top of the mattress and saw this…..

2015-09-21 22.01.01

I mean seriously….how frickin cute is that! I don’t blame her! I wanted to crawl in there with her.

Poor Wheatie. She was not coming out and all he could do was lie down, facing the little space she had squeezed through, rest his chin on his paws and wait……………

Dogs. I wish I could get in their brains for a day!