In the last week Wheaton has developed a new habit….he wants to be up on my pillow like Daisy. He does this as soon as I get out of the bed…whether it’s to get up and get ready for work or just a middle of the night bathroom visit…I come back and there he is…..

2015-09-23 07.58.53

He has also started sleeping closer to me just in general. He use to sleep down at my feet at the end of the bed but now he wants to be in behind my legs or up against my back. I rolled over the other night and we were nose to nose but then he startled a bit that I was that close to him and he moved away.

There are two possible reasons for this new closeness; One, I got a new bed frame that no longer has a foot board plus I had to move the bed out from the wall and now it’s in the middle of the room so there is no end or side to the bed anymore for him to sidle up against. Or, reason number two…he is feeling safer and wants to be closer to me. I personally like the latter.

I love that he is closer to me. I love that, for whatever reason, he feels it is safe to sleep close to me. Sleeping puts us all in a vulnerable state, but for a rescue dog with his background this is HUGE. He came to us terrified, with major trust issues…and 10 months later he is curled up on my pillow on a regular basis.

2015-09-23 07.59.17

I love this sleepy little fraggle face!