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It’s taken 10 and a half months but Wheaton has found himself.

Well, his reflection at least.

Just the other day we were going for our work day lunch walk and, as we went past a restaurant at the corner, Wheatie saw his reflection in the restaurant window and went crazy! He started barking and lunging at this strange dog….who in turn was also barking and lunging at him! And there was a second dog who looked just like Daisy. Must bark at that one too!

So I let him go right up to the glass and he tried to sniff these “other” dogs and I think he may have clued in to the fact that those dogs didn’t have any smell. I told him, “that’s you my boy, it’s ok.”

                 Cause dogs understand words….right?

He calmed a bit when he couldn’t sniff any dog smell but he still kept a low growl. A warning to these glass foes.

Today, same walk…same window…same freak out. Oh silly Wheaton. I swear Daisy rolled her eyes at him.

2015-09-20 08.16.44

He makes me laugh. Today when I made his breakfast, he was so focused on the bowl of food as I was walking to put it down for him he turned and ran right into the door. The equivalent of when you see a person running but looking the other way and <BOOM> they run into a pole…yeah…that was Wheaton. He was play hopping back and forth looking at the bowl in my hands and turned to go to his feeding spot and <BANG> right into the door frame. He was fine. In fact I don’t even think it phased him at all….he just wants food! He barely even shook his head…just right to the bowl. He’s clumsy & he’s awkward like when he ends up stepping in his own pee puddle or backs up into his own poop pile. He’s a bit clueless about things like he when tries to bypass jumping on the foot stool to get on the couch and misses the couch altogether, he’s curious and scared at the same time.

Yeah….he’s a bit of a dork. He’s learning so much! He never learned how to be a dog with other dogs running around and playing. He went into a cage and there he stayed for 4 years. He had a job to make puppies for some greedy puppy mill assholes…they certainly didn’t give a shit that this fella didn’t get to be a dog! Didn’t get to have a life of running around and going for walks to sniff things and interact with other dogs and play with sticks and balls and toys. They DID NOT care at all about his development as a dog. His needs. His health. His mental state. All they cared about was money. And now, here he is, my boy….trying to figure out how to be a dog.

2015-05-24 17.51.38

He’s a furry little goofball…..but he’s MY furry little goofball and I love him…every messy furry hair on him! And I am doing my best to make up for the time those assholes took from him!!!

Say no to Puppy-Mill breeders. Say no to Pet Stores who sell the offspring of the dogs in puppy mills. And for Wheaton’s sake…and all the others who have been rescued from the filth and stench of these hell holes…foster a rescue…or adopt a rescue….and if you can’t get a dog…donate to a rescue so they can pay their vet bills!!! Bringing a rescue into your life is such a great experience. Not easy…but so rewarding when you see them become a real dog.

2015-07-23 17.22.46