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We all go through it…you get a little lazy, you eat a little more than you should, your pants get a little snug….or a lot too snug.

Wheaton has gained some weight. He still has to eat ALL the food. It’s funny because for 9 years I’ve had a dog who is too skinny. Daisy is a tiny thing and the vet likes her to be at 6 pounds….Daisy is usually under this goal weight.

Mister Chunky Monkey on the other hand has no problem gaining weight! He’s not fat, he’s just solid! But a couple weeks ago I had to put his harness to the maximum width…and a week after that it was tight again. There is no real fat on him, you can still see the shape of his rib cage….maybe he was just too skinny when he came and this is the size he should be? I was fitting harnesses for when he was straight from the mill…and that was not his healthy size and weight.

2015-10-01 21.16.09

Daisy was a bit ill for a couple months this summer and we weren’t nearly as active as usual…to be honest, my pants are snug too! I couldn’t be bothered after walking around the block, to walk Daisy back home, and then take Wheaton out for a longer walk, every day. So we just made due with shorter walks and then we’d hang out in the backyard.  Wheaton would love a run but I haven’t been running much this season. A rollerblade session with him would have been perfect…but I didn’t strap my blades on once this summer. I’m positive he would have LOVED a good long run….and it’s my fault. Most days I’m mentally exhausted and I just want to vegetate. I have all my own excuses for not getting my ass up and off the couch but I shouldn’t make excuses for the dog. After all, I am the responsible human here….it’s not his fault that his harness is tight. The viscous circle here is that I would probably feel better and energized to go for that longer walk…to breath in that fresh crisp cool air, to get the blood pumping…but I just don’t have the energy to kick-start this movement right now.  I have become stagnant and lethargic. Unmotivated. That’s not fair to my doggies. As much as they LOVE a couch snuggle we need to move more.

So. What am I gonna do? We’re heading into the colder part of the year…and in the words of the GoT tag line…”Winter is Coming“. It’s just going to get harder to shed the pounds now. The truth is, I will be less likely to want to go outside for a run when it’s chilly and wet or snowy but I have no choice than to put my excuses and issues to the side and buck up buttercup.