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A couple of times this week Wheaton has engaged in play with ME.

This is another big deal in his journey!

He plays with Daisy all the time but when I try to play with him he just stands there looking at me like “you’re not a dog…what the heck are you doing?”.

When we get to the office, and the leashes and harnesses come off, the two of them always have a little wrestle and a run around. Daisy likes a chase so I take the “do ya wanna run” stance….and this gets her going. Earlier in the week, Wheaton played along. And not just tagging along with Daisy but actually looking at me and getting his front paws down and ready to run with me!! We did one loop around the office and then he was done with me and only wanted his Daisy again. But it was a step forward.

As for toys, it took him months to even play with a toy and now he finds his “pinky” and squeaks it every day.

2015-10-29 17.26.48


Then, this past Wednesday, I had a toy and he came up to me so I tossed it at his feet…he actually picked it up, wandered a few feet away and then looked at me, walked back and dropped it closer to me so I could do it again. It only happened once but it’s a start.

This morning he again looked at me and engaged in wanting to play with me. This is a great feeling. Playing with your dog is something we take for granted. All dogs like playing. Right? But not a rescue….they usually have no idea what “play” is. And never mind chasing. Good grief…for the last 11 months he’s been running from humans – in fear. He panics if a human walks towards him….so the idea of him realizing this chase is fun play time is a new concept! I would not chase him if he did not engage me first in the game.

My boy just took another step forward in his evolution to becoming a real dog! Another issue related to his past just officially became a thing of the past.

Every body….give him a “Yay Wheaton!!!”