1 year ago today 2 of the lovely ladies from FAAR (Free and Alive Rescue), Brenda Coughlin-Scott and Rebecca Coughlin came to my house with a kennel. We sat on the kitchen floor and they opened the kennel door. Slowly, and every so cautiously, a little brown nose and two dark eyes peeked out…terrified. The little nose went up to sniff the air and then a scared little white dog creeped out a little more. We all sat perfectly still and spoke in soft calm voices. The little white dog creeped out a little further. His eyes were wide, taking in his surroundings and making sure it was safe.  Then he spotted Daisy. This strange place must have seemed a little better once he saw her cause he came out of the kennel and scuttled across the kitchen to go to her. She of course growled at him. He initiated some play with her and my heart knew this was going to be our new dog. His fur was still a bit matted and a little stinky. He had a bright green dish towel, with a maxi pad stuck inside it, wrapped around him cause he peed on things.2014-11-09 12.45.55

The fur around his ears was greasy from ear infection meds…he was a bit of a mess. And he was needing some love. I knew I had plenty of that to give him. And so our 24 hours of Meet & Greet began.

2 days later I confirmed with Brenda that Wheaton was staying. I mean I knew from the moment he tried to play with Daisy that he was ours but I had to work everything out for sure. In other words, my heart made the decision and now my mind and my life had to catch up and make it work!

To be honest…my heart was in it from the second I saw his facebook rescue picture at his vet exam……..I mean really…look at that face!IMG_3184It’s been a year of change, and patience and learning. We’ve had our frustrations. Wheatie has issues. If you’ve been following our blog you know our journey. A year seems to have gone so quick. I go back and read earlier blog entries to remind myself of how far we’ve really come. I remember clipping an extension leash to his harness for our first walk…..I let that extension out as far as I could and then just let him walk as I slowly followed behind…and today he walks on a regular leash right beside me. I remember going to bed on the first night when he was terrified to sleep near me…and now I wake up every morning with him right next to me even cuddled up against me. I remember for the first few months he would run from me and I’d have to wait for him to corner himself and then slowly reach out to touch him….and now I can slowly just reach my hand over and he lets me pet him or pick him up. He use to run away whenever I needed to get him for a walk…but now when we are getting ready for a walk he comes to me and sits down to wait for me to put his harness on (mostly because Daisy is sitting and getting her harness on but still…he’s there waiting).

The best thing to see is how he loves his Daisy. His love and trust for me will keep evolving, slowly, I understand this…humans abused him for 4 years I can’t blame him for his fear but when I look over and see him curled up to Daisy though…I just get all happy inside.2015-08-31 15.37.26

He still has this “fight or flight” issue and it may just be part of him for the rest of his life….but the rest of his life is with me. And that’s ALL that matters.

He was about 4 when he was rescued. It’s all a guess from dental records, the puppy mill monsters don’t keep records on their “stock”, we will never know his actual birth date. So, I made his birth date the day he came to stay with us…because that’s the day he came to this life! So it’s our 1 year anniversary and his 5th birthday!

2015-11-09 07.49.59

Happy 1 year Anniversary and 5th Birthday Wheatie boy!!

Momma loves you fella!!!