This morning we were lying in bed, enjoying a lazy Saturday morning lie in and I slowly reached over to stroke Wheaton. He’s been tolerating a little bit of belly rubbing for the last week and a half so I casually eased my hand so the pets got closer to his tummy. Soon I was rubbing his belly and he relaxed and then he fully stretched out….like fully! He was loving it!!

I rubbed his belly for a full 20 minutes. His front paws stretched up around his face, his chin extended so it opened his chest and throat up for scratches, and his back legs stretched out letting me rub his full under torso. This was trust at its fullest. A moment that was so perfect and so heart warming….

And then he lifted his head, turned his face and licked my hand. Repeatedly. And not because I had food on my fingers. He was licking me because he was trusting me. He was loving me back. 

These moments of trust and affection are becoming more regular. He’s progressing. It’s a slow progress and then we have huge breakthroughs like this morning’s moment. 

I love this little guy. My boy. My little momma’s boy.