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I was starting to think that Wheaton had a deep connection to me but truth be told his love & devotion is to Daisy. I mean I’m in there…a close third. First place only if I have food!

His devotion goes as follows….

  1. Food
  2. Daisy
  3. Momma

How I was reminded of this was this past weekend out at “The Ranch”. I took the “snack dogs” and Thule out for a romp in the snow and both Thule & Daisy gave up after their business was taken care of, but Wheatie seemed to be enjoying himself in the fresh powder.

2015-11-21 08.01.30



Thinking he would like to play more, I put Daisy & Thule back in the house and took Wheaton back out to walk with me to the barn/work shop to get something.2015-11-21 08.01.38



Well, as soon as that door shut between him and Daisy that was it…he wasn’t going anywhere with me!



2015-11-21 07.51.43



Not even for more playing in the snow…which she wasn’t even doing with him he was just playing in the snow around her! But when he could no longer see her around him, he ran back to the door and sat there waiting until I let him back inside.

2015-11-23 09.34.32




So yes, he may love me as I am the lady who brings him food and treats and holds the other end of that rope thingy that ties him to his Daisy, but it is her that he is devoted to!

And that’s perfectly wonderful!!



I’m not chopped liver…however, if I was, then for sure I would be # 1!