We had such a busy December and now, January is just settling back into routine.

We got through the Christmas chaos and had so much fun and merriment that it’s taken a month to recover! Now we’re in the heart of Winter and true to form the “Winter-Peg” reputation is living up to its name with a January cold snap putting us in a minus 30°c (and colder with windchill factors) hibernation. Thanks to shorter walks and more tea on the couch with the dogs time…I can catch up the blog! 

A couple of things happened yesterday that were big deals to me….

The first was when I came home from work yesterday I was greeted of course by two very happy excited dogs and for the first time Wheaton let me pet him just like I do Daisy….in the wiggly excited “momma’s home” frenzy, he wanted pets too! Usually he is there and excited but he doesn’t let me pet him. This time he came up close, he wiggled, he turned around in a circle, then he waited and let me scratch his neck and pet him! This was huge!! HUGE! He didn’t run away, he didn’t cower, he didn’t lean away…..he full on got petted like a normal happy dog! He was living in the moment for once!! In that exact moment he was a happy excited dog who just wanted in on the welcome home love! My heart could have burst with love! These moments are gold. 
The second was that even though I was home from work early, it had still been almost 6 hours since their morning walk and the pee pads were dry…Wheaton didn’t have a pee! He held it and waited! Usually he pees when I’m gone….he holds it if I’m with him but I think he still has some anxiety about being left and he usually pees on the pad at least once. But not yesterday! 

I had a house full of people last night and Wheaton was very personable and friendly and even got some pets!! A friend brought her dog, Gracie, so my dogs had one of their friends over to hang out too! They played. I think Gracie has a bit of a crush on Wheaton, he’s very handsome after all, she followed him around and was really keen to get him to play.

My Wheatie boy. He’s really, really coming along.