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Anyone who knows me knows that in my own human life I try to stick to a routine…I do this for the dogs too. It gives us all peace of mind.

Every night we go for our pre-bedtime walk, we come back in and the dogs have a little snack while I brush my teeth & wash my face and then I say, “let’s go, bedtime” and Daisy comes running into the bedroom and sits by the bed to be picked up and Wheaton goes to their dog bed in the kitchen and waits for me to come get him. But we’ve had a change in the routine….Wheaton has started coming to the bedroom. He’s a bit nervous cause it’s a new thing to wait by the bed as I approach him and pick him up but he’s been doing it for 5 days in a row now!

Something else he’s been doing for a couple weeks now is giving me his paws to take his boots off. He’s been really good at letting me dress him but he was a bit nervous about taking stuff off.

2015-12-28 16.03.06

Such a dapper dude

Maybe because I put them up on the surface of the freezer when I dress them in their gear but I take their gear off down on the floor. So to get ready he’s level with me and stands up with his paws on my shoulders giving me each paw whereas getting the stuff off involved him being lower even though I’m kneeling down on the floor I’m still coming from over top . He’s always been very anxious and scared of having his feet touched…especially the back feet. When he was rescued his nails were overgrown to the point of digging into his pads, his feet are still very sensitive. He would tuck his back legs in tight to protect himself. He would let me take his stuff off but he was ready to bolt as soon as that last piece came off! Now he sits and waits while Daisy gets her stuff off…Daisy will lift each foot, in order…..if she had thumbs she’d probably just do it herself! Wheatie waits his turn and then he lifts his back feet outwards just enough for me to take the boots off (he’s learning the same order)! He waits while I take his harness & sweater off over his head and then….he lets me give him a little neck & ear scratch! He no longer BOLTS away!!!

Things like this seem so little but to me they are HUGE!! It’s one more level of trust that we just got to! Our trust has just leveled up! It’s a great feeling! It just goes to show that there can always be progress, slowly but surely he will get past his past traumas.

2016-01-22 15.28.03

Snug as two bugs in a rug

I’m blessed to have these two little creatures in my life. Words can’t even describe how important they are to me. They are the loves of my life. I am thankful for every precious moment I have with them!! I’m a lucky Momma!