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We went to a FAAR (Free and Alive Rescue) event this past Saturday. I hmm’d and haaa’d about taking the dogs because there would be a lot of people and a lot of dogs and both can make my furkids a bit nervous but, at the same time, so many FAAR supporters follow Wheaton’s blog yet have never met him to actually see his progress in person. I made the momma decision to  take the kids.

A rescue event is a perfect even for Daisy & Wheaton, timid shy dogs put my dogs at ease. They both really hate high energy. In a world of chillin my dogs are pros. We play, we go for walks and hikes and they love chasing and wrestling with each other but the majority of the time is spent chilling the eff out!! When we meet up with other dogs they like a dog that doesn’t care, a dog that minds its own business and maybe just gives a little sniff…..until they get to know each other and play is initiated. There was one scrappy little terrier at the event who had a bark-off with Wheatie but for the most part everyone got along.

The FAAR gang who knows Wheatie from the day they rescued him were so happy to see him. It gets us all teary and proud to meet up and see how well he’s doing. They’ve known him since he just cowered in a corner. We met some others who follow the blog but we were seeing each other for the first time. I got a lot of praise for how well I’ve done with him but really….all I can take credit for is loving him and listening to him. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….we’re in it for life. I made a promise that he was home and no matter what happened we would get through it.



FAAR has a lovely little Maltese named Amy who is available to adopt. She reminded me so much of Wheaton (the early days). Shy, scared, unsure, that look in her eyes that held so much love yet so much fear. I held her. She met Daisy & Wheaton and no one barked or growled. I held her again. My heart was already attaching…..even though my brain was screaming….S C R E A M I N G…. “NO!!!!”.

All I could see was Wheaton 15 months ago. My heart knew the potential behind those fearful eyes. My heart knew the time and patience it would take to help Amy find her confidence. My heart knew the love I could give her to help her out of that shell. To help her break down some of those scary walls she’s hiding behind. My heart knew all of these things….but my brain knew that adding a third dog is not on option. Not at all. I cannot bring a third dog to the office. And I will NOT give up that perk of having the dogs at work with me all day. I cannot afford to do everything in triplicate. Grooming, vetting, treating & feeding….etc. Given my anxiety issues sometimes I have days where it’s overwhelming to have 2 dogs….when 1 is set in her stubborn ways and the other has some behaviour issues….adding a third (that is basically still at square 1 with the puppy mill issues) would be too much on those days. Take today for instance….I have two dogs who are both battling some tummy issues…we’ve got diarrhea and vomiting going on and sometimes it’s coming out of both of them. Let’s JUST pretend there was a third dog in the mix. I’m only one person. I have my limits, even though I don’t always want to admit that!

So, as much as the transformation is amazing…I don’t have the energy to take my dynamic duo to the three musketeers. Wheaton tested me every single day for the first 6 months. He tests me still but they’re easy tests now. In the long run none of those issues or tests matter when I look at his little fraggle face but we have a long way to go still. One day I will retire from working a full time job…and I will devote more time and energy to rescuing and taking care of dogs. Right now my undivided attention is occupied by these two loves of my life.

Amy the Maltese is a darling. As shy as she is…she just needs the right human to give her the space and the love and the patience she needs. Once she feels that love & trust I guarantee she will open up and bloom!