All of a sudden he walked over, crawled up on me and I opened my arms for this moment.

Let’s just make this perfectly clear…..Wheaton has never…NEVER….walked up &  crawled onto me for a cuddle. He does climb on me once we go to bed.  I think he feels safer when the only part of me that he sees is my head and shoulders…the rest of me is hidden under the covers. Then he is super brave and climbs up on me and lies down. He’s also very lovable & pet-able in the mornings (especially on the weekends) he does come closer for a scratch & pet. He does sleep right up against my back almost every night. And when I pick him up he hugs onto me. All good things…all moments of sharing and touching which is still a big deal. But none of this compares to the moment you see in these pictures.

This was needy and cuddly. Two things Wheaton doesn’t really do.  He’s pretty aloof compared to Daisy. She would happily let me wear her as a scarf if I could, there is no such thing as “too close” for Daisy. She sleeps spooning my face/head most nights. You can see in this picture she is actually being used as my pillow. Wheaton likes a bit of distance. So when he crept over to me on the couch and then came in for this snuggle…..I was in utter shock and amazement. I don’t know what brought it on or why….I just enjoyed the moment.

This was a week ago…sorry I’m just getting to post about it now…and it hasn’t happened again. It’s like a Loch Ness Monster or Big Foot sighting….you wouldn’t believe it without seeing proof.  Well here’s your proof. Wheaton came to me for a cuddle.