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Just to clarify…not OUR new puppy!!! We were dog-sitting!  My dad and step-mom got a puppy just before Christmas. Maya is a ShihTzu/Maltese mix. They have Toby (he’s been featured in the blog). He’s 12. He also happens to be Daisy’s canine poppa. At first he didn’t like the puppy. He is a bit better now. Toby had the same attitude towards Maya as Daisy did towards Wheaton….”What is it and how long is it staying?”.

Daisy hates the puppy. Does not want the puppy anywhere near her. Or near me.

My dad and step-mom were going to be away for almost a week so Toby & Maya came to stay with us….this would be Maya’s first stay away. She’s 3 months old.

Three month old puppies are;

  • adorable
  • bitey
  • chewy
  • energetic
  • rambunctious
  • random peeing & pooping machines
  • like little drunken sailors
  • floppy & squishy
  • hard to be mad at even when you’ve just stepped in their puddle of pee..in your sock feet
  • did I mention adorable…like mega adorable…ridiculously so…and they have that “puppy smell”
2016-02-02 19.57.11

Maya the Adorable Puppy

Fun times! The first evening they dropped the dogs off at 6:30 and for the next 3 hours all I did was clean up pee! And because  I was so preoccupied with the puppy and what she was doing I missed taking Wheaton out for his 7 o’clock pee…so while the puppy was piddling little puddles around the kitchen…Wheaton figured it was free range peeing again so he peed on the rug, on Toby’s dog bed and then on his own dog bed….just marking everything so the new puppy knew he was the main pee-er around here!

Thank goodness Wheaton didn’t hate the puppy because while Toby ignored her and Daisy growled & barked at her…her only other dog option was Wheaton. She jumped on him, she wiggled that “play with me” wiggle at him and she was in his face every 5 minutes. He tolerated her and then actually even played with her a little. He had his limits and did growl a warning at her a few times but nothing like the vicious snarling Daisy would give her.

2016-02-04 17.48.12

Hey lady…I’m not in your way am I?

Now, the three grown up dogs are quite happy to have a walk and then retire to the couch for the next 5 hours. The masters of chillin. But this does not work with a puppy. What is this “chillin” idea? Why lie around when you can chew fingers, bite ears, squat and pee on things, bark your ferocious puppy bark (which is so fricken cute), jump on things, play with ALL the toys, eat anything you find on the floor….etc. It was non-stop activity. I wanted to chill with the dogs. Watch an hour long tv show without interuption. Go to the bathroom without having my toes chewed on!! Those itty bitty teeth are SHARP!!

Then there was the issue of taking them for a walk. My parents live out in St.Norbert…just outside the city on a few acres. They haven’t taken Maya for leashed walks yet. Toby and Maya just go outside and Toby does what he needs to do and Maya just follows along jumping and playing in the snow. Being in the city, without a fenced yard, we don’t have that option. My dogs have to go for walks…plus it’s what we are use to doing. Toby is happy to join us for walks. I had no choice but to find a harness for the pup and drag her along. Let’s just say walking 4 dogs is already a challenge. The sniffing, the peeing, the pooping (the being a responsible human and picking up the poop – while keeping them from getting involved in the process). Well add a 3 month old puppy to the concept and it’s an absolute GONG SHOW!! Our first walk was a sight I’m sure! All 4 dogs in sweaters and boots…harnessed and leashed like a miniature dog sled team…and then me trying to keep them all in line and not trip on them. But we got the hang of it and by the third walk Maya was walking along like the “big” dogs!! And it tired her out!!! The weather wasn’t too bad, cold enough that it wasn’t slushy and wet but not too cold to be out for a 20 minute walk.  She still jumped on everyone and fell over things and came close to tripping me or getting stepped on but she took to the walk quite well and we had these great moments where all 4 were in steady pace and rhythm.

2016-02-07 22.54.39

We’re ready for bed…..

2016-02-07 22.54.31

Where are you going to sleep?

The other moment of chaos was bedtime. Toby & Daisy are both snuggly dogs. Toby likes to sleep by my head. So if Toby was by my head Daisy had to be even closer so she basically spooned my face. Maya had to be close but not too close so she stayed up against my back, but that’s usually Wheaton’s spot so he moved down to my feet. I was basically pinned in place by all four of them. I had to get into my comfy sleeping position immediately because once I was in place they all found their spots. And any dog parent knows…you can’t disturb a sleeping dog! I would wake up a couple times throughout the night to take Maya to her puppy pad for a midnight & 4 am pee.


We did it. We made it through the week and really by the end of day 2 we had our routine down pat and the walks were getting better and I was getting better at getting Maya and Wheaton out for extra pees! Daisy & Wheaton still came to work with me and Toby & Maya stayed home confined to the kitchen/dining room area but there was no mess to clean up….a couple missed piddles but mostly she kept to the pee pads!

I can honestly say that I don’t want to get a puppy anytime soon. Don’t get me wrong…I love her. I could kiss and cuddle her non-stop. She can come for a stay over ANYTIME but just like any baby….I was happy when her parents came to get her!