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Yesterday was a busy work day. I didn’t get a chance to take the dogs for a walk at lunchtime like I normally do. Daisy can wait all day till we leave but if I get busy Wheaton will pee on his pee pads in the office. We had our first morning walk before leaving home and a second walk just before 8 after I parked the car at work. We left the office at 3:30. I looked at the pee pads and Wheaton had not peed. All. Day. That has never happened. I know he can hold it but usually if I leave for a meeting or to do other office stuff he will pee on the pad. But yesterday, he didn’t.

Let’s rewind a bit……..

Wheatie’s been doing really well at home for the last few months. He still pees on the pee pad if I leave them for a few hours, but he hasn’t had any accidents (except for when the puppy was here but that was a random “pee-for-all”). I’m glad he’s holding it and feeling a little less anxious to pee. I trust him a bit more now to be left to his own curiousity. I used to check on him if it had been an hour or two since our last outside break and he went to the other room….or if I got up and went to the washroom I wondered, if he followed me, would he just stop and take a pee on his way. He has seemed to figure out to not do this. I do wish he would vocalize if he has to pee so I can take him outside. Maybe that will come in time.

Something else that happened….he’s asking for pets by putting his paw on me!! In bed, nighttime or in the morning, it starts with Daisy getting belly rubs….then Wheaton sees this and he creeps over…..then he slowly reaches his paw out and puts it on my arm. That’s him asking for some pets. That’s a big deal.   He is asking for touch, something that use to terrify him. He is still a bit nervous when you touch him but the fact that he wants the touch is a great accomplishment.

I long for the day where Wheaton comes to me and just wants pets and cuddles and loving without any hesitation. For now Daisy is my cuddle bug and Wheaton is just within arms reach…in his own time. When I pick him up he hugs me. And he accepts my hugs and snuggles so we’re getting closer. It’s all exactly how it needs to be. There’s no rush. It all comes together. Love & patience. My boy is where he needs to be and for that I am thankful.image