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Take some time and think about what you want to say. Let the anger pass so you can think logically. Take deep breaths. Count to 10…or 100.

OK. I did all of this. And I’m not as fuming as I was but I’m still gonna do some venting here.

If you’re involved in rescue in any way you will probably be familiar with this scenario; one of your friends or a family member is buying a mix breed puppy from a person who lives in a rural area. The person says something along the lines of “our dog is having one last litter”.  When your friend/family tell you this all your “spidey-senses” are tingling. You get that twitch in your right eye. You’re picturing a dilaImage result for backyard breeder imagespidated shed full of metal cages.

The term “Backyard Breeder” is screaming in your head. You can’t help it. You’ve seen TOO MUCH…and now you assume the worst case scenario. Image result for backyard breeder images

You want to lead an investigation. You’re already packing empty dog kennels into the back of your car for the rescue mission. Am I right?

Image result for backyard breeder images

So here’s the situation….I had a coworker ask me about getting a second dog. He wanted to know things like; how did it change things, has it had an effect on Daisy, did it change her, did it change the dynamic between Daisy & I….etc. This is because they want to get a puppy.
His wife, while at a big box-store clothing outlet last week, saw a lady shopping there with a cute little mix breed dog in her cart. “Oh what a cute dog”, the wife says and hey guess what…turns out the lady’s dog is having “one last litter”. You don’t say!!? What a coincidence…you’re just out shopping with your adorable dog…and you have puppies for sale….Yeah. Coincidence? My arse.…ahem…butt.
Umm, isn’t it always “one last litter”? And now my coworker’s wife wants one of the puppies.

I wanted to scream….“RESCUES HAVE PUPPIES! A “rescue” doesn’t HAVE to be an older “damaged” dog!!”   

(* FYI, just to clarify, I don’t think “rescue” means “damaged” and I certainly do not look at Wheaton and think “damaged”)

Rescues take in pregnant females all the time….there are puppies everywhere in rescue…we don’t need to have nobodies breeding their dogs in their backyards trying to make a couple of grand!!

I understand the want for a “designer dog”. The 5 pound “tea cup” this or that. (And a year later your “5 lb tea cup” is actually a 12 pound ShihTzu cross). I also understand NOT everyone wants a 4, or 6, or 8, or 10 year old puppy mill rescue. (Oh, too much work for you). I get it. We want what we want. But you’re feeding the problem. (You are the problem)  **I’m striking through my sarcastic inner voice.

I’m also not talking about reputable, responsible breeders who care for their breeding pairs and the litters that they produce.  It’s the “one more litter”, or the “accidental litter” or the “designer” crosses that people are going for when you want to shake them….ahem…I mean take them….to a breeding mill or an auction or a backyard shed/garage with caged dogs and show them what they are buying into. Ugh. Right!!

In conclusion to my rant, and thank you if you actually read all of it, it’s a huge revelation….uh, we all make mistakes. We all learn and grow and get new information that can sometimes change our opinions and even our lives. You can’t un-see the dirty, inhumane world of irresponsible dog breeding. When we know better, we DO better!

Do Better!

**folds up collapsible soap box……till next time