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I just read this….


Yes. Thank you. My dogs are small (Wheatie is 9lbs & Daisy is 5lbs). Wheaton, being a puppy mill rescue…when on a leash he has a terrible fight or flight mentality (that I’m working on) and people laughing and running behind their over exuberant “friendly” “just wants to say hi” dog -straight at US- is not helping.

Daisy is just a bit scared when dogs come running at her, after an incident a few years ago where she had an over zealous “friendly” beagle at the dog park charge at her and knock her down. It’s a respect & boundaries issue. How can I trust your dog if you can’t control your dog as it’s running at us! Friendly or NOT! Keep your dogs to yourself unless invited or approved. Common courtesy.

I don’t take my dogs to dog parks. Off leash or not. It’s just not safe for little dogs. A lot of people seem to think it’s a free for all. They let their dogs off the leash and walk around drinking their coffee and talking on their phones. Oblivious to what their out of control dog is doing. They look up long enough to yell out, “he’s super friendly, loves little dogs, just wants to play!”. Not a care in the world whether MY dogs want to play!! And what if that “play” gets too rough? One wrong move and my dog’s lives are at risk! So NO.

Now when we want fresh air and play I take them hiking, just us, and Mother Nature.