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There are so many moments I love having with my dogs; bedtime when we all get settled into our comfy spots and I can feel their warm little bodies curled next to me, cuddles on the couch, when I get home and they’re super excited to see me, when they wrestle and chase each other around, when we go for walks and they’re trotting along beside me…..but my most favourite moment is our weekend mornings! We have time for a lie in, no work to get up for, just cuddles and pets and more cuddles. Wheaton is super affectionate at this time. He wants loves and pets. He wants ear scratches, and belly rubs, and neck scratches…..and if I stop he puts his paw out to me. He asks for more, he WANTS more. He climbs up ontop of me and puts his paw on me…..”Momma, more pets please”!!

How AWESOME is that!!!!! This morning I called to him, “come here baby boy, come on Wheatie, come see me, come closer…”

And he did, he came right up, and let me reach out and scratch his neck. He didn’t flinch, he didn’t back up….he actually leaned into my hand and shut his eyes.

I don’t know exactly what he endured for 4 years in that nightmare puppy mill cage. I don’t know what abuses he lived through. I don’t know who was mean to him. I don’t know what he thought every day while that was his awful environment. My imagination can’t even create that horrific image.  It has scarred him, I don’t know if he’ll ever heal completely no matter how much better his life is now.

All I know is that I love him, I have been loving him for 1 year 5 months today.  He’s my beautiful boy and whatever he needs, whatever he wants, whatever makes him happy , whatever keeps him safe is my responsibility.