There’s this sound my Daisy girl makes when I pick her up, it’s a combination of a sigh and a little grunt of contentment…when she makes it my heart melts. It’s the sweetest little noise, and after she makes it she leans against me and snuggles in tight. Wheaton doesn’t share this comfort level yet…but his level of trust is improving. He doesn’t run (as far) from me when I go to pick him up, he leans into me (instead of away from me) when I hold him now, and he’s actually getting quite snugly in bed. It’s a very, very slow process but it’s progress none the less. He is getting more and more comfortable. He gets so excited when I get home, he comes running and let’s me pat him and scratch his head. He sleeps next to me every night and every morning he puts his paw on me to get pets. When it’s time to go for a walk he runs to the door and turns around so I can put his harness on. And a couple days ago we walked past another dog and his food distraction training worked! Miss Daisy just trots along beside me, perfectly behaved….she’s amazing.

I have the luxury of bringing my dogs to work with me. During the Summer I bike to work so the dogs stay home on those days but if I drive to work, the dogs come too. So all day I get to have my dogs by my side. They sleep in their bed under my desk. We get to take a break and go for a walk at lunch time. I get to give them belly rubs any time during the day. We start the day off with a run around the office before I feed them breakfast. Our clients love to see them when they come for a meeting. I’m lucky. I know.

2015-08-31 15.37.26

I could sit here and list a thousand reasons or more as to why I love my dogs but I’m sure you don’t need to know all of them. I mean there are the obvious ones like the cuteness and the unconditional love and the cuddling but then there are the unique character traits that each of them have that makes it personal. Daisy with her belly rub routine, Wheatie with his excited circle turning when I am making him something to eat, how Daisy communicates her wants to me and how Wheaton nudges me when he needs something. They each have their own personality and language. All of this is a bond, a connection and a communication between us. And it warms my heart and fills it with love.


I will never have human children. These are my children.  They are my life. It is my sole purpose to do right by them and make them my priority. They fill my days with happiness and unconditional love…and cuddles.