My Momma has been preoccupied with work stuff and home stuff and life stuff so she hasn’t been updating my stories for a while so I thought I would tell you some stories from my point of view.

First, I’m doing quite well with my walks and my barking at stuff….sometimes I can’t help myself because other dogs bark at me first but…if I keep my cool and Momma tells me how good I am…I get a treat! So I try real hard to listen to her and keep my barking to myself…I want that treat!!

I’m also not peeing in the house as much as I use to. I do get a little worried when Momma goes to work ALLLLLLLL day so I do have a little nervous piddle on my pee pad…but just one…okay…sometimes two….but only on the pad!

We also went on a camping trip a couple weeks ago! It was so fun! I got to run on the beach and climb over rocks and trees and drink lake water!  For the last few days we were the only ones around the whole campground so Momma let me be off my tie-out rope! I stayed nice and close to my sister Daisy though cause she shows me how to do everything. Momma says I listen better though! 😉

We’ve had so many fun sunny days going to parks, and playing at “the ranch” (I dug up some mud in Auntie Cheryl’s garden) and visiting my doggy friends next door and long long walks when Momma is off work! I love playing outside!

I’m getting better at snuggle time too, when we are all in the big bed I come and snuggle and let Momma scratch my ears…and my belly! Who knew belly scratches were so so awesome?!

Life is good. People tell me I’m a lucky dog…..I don’t know what that means but it must have something to do with my Momma and all the hugs and kisses she gives me…not to mention all my cozy beds and squeaky toys and all the yummy food and treats and all the fun I have playing with my sister all day. If that’s lucky…then they’re right…I sure am!

Thanks for reading about me!