imageOh yeah….the blog! Dammit!!!

So, it’s July 21st already! Wow!!

We’re on our 3rd camping trip. First one was early June, as Wheaton told you in our last entry, and that was our last camp out in the tent. Now we camp in style…..a new pop up tent camper!  I’ve been wanting this kind of trailer for years and my dream came true finally!

Don’t get me wrong, I love camping in a tent. Really. Always have. But when bad weather rolls in during the day you don’t have many options as to what you can do…now we have a little house on wheels! With a table. And we have had rainy days where I have sat there with a cup of tea and coloured or read my book while the dogs curled up beside me.

For this trip I took the week off work. It’s been awesome. Quiet, hot, peaceful, did I mention hot? Like 39°c with the humidity.

The mornings have been cooler so we get up early, like 6am, and we go for a long walk for an hour or two. Hike through the bush to the dog beach and then walk back along the shoreline. The dogs love it. No one is around so they go leashless! They chase each other around and grab sticks, they bark at the waves, Wheaton even got his feet wet in the lake! Then we get back to the site, make breakfast and even have a nap. It’s heaven. We laze around in the heat of the day and then when the sun is setting we head back down to the lake to play in the rocks again.

I love camping. This new tent camper has brought my love for this past time to a whole new height. The whole camper is canvas zippers that open to be screen….I can sit inside and feel like I’m outside still. We sleep with all the sides open and feel the breeze. I’m blessed to have two little camper dogs. Wheaton is doing so well on these leashless walks. He comes when I call him, he stays close to me and to Daisy at all times, he hasn’t had any accidents in the camper even when I leave them alone for a bit. Camping is really our favourite summer pastime. After this, we still have 4 more camping trips booked. It’s all about relaxing and just enjoying the moment.

And sometimes the moment involves napping…..