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We are loving the tent trailer!!  It’s so cozy and perfect for our camping style. The dogs have a big bed to curl up in and the windows all unzip so they can see everything and sniff the fresh air. Wheaton still has some issues with the step to get in the trailer…he is very awkward with steps in general…he wants to just jump and bypass them altogether but he’s not good at that either. StMalo Aug 2016

Camping has taken on a whole new experience for me. There is a new joy in it. I mean I’ve always loved camping, always loved being in a tent but the tent trailer has put this joy into the stratosphere for me!!  We’ve been camping twice as much this season (and we’re only mid August) than last season already!

What I especially love is the freedom and confidence my dogs have when we’re camping. They take to it so effortlessly. Daisy has been a camping & hiking dog since she was just a wee pup. At 4 months old she was hiking (easy) trails with me and she has always loved camping. Wheaton has taken to this summer pastime quite naturally too….it must be the fresh air…and the endless supply of things to chew on!! The absolute best experience has been the moments when we are hiking and Wheaton can be off leash.

I think this has improved his confidence immensely. It has also shown me the bond he has with us. He doesn’t stray far from me or from Daisy. He is always checking on where we are and sticking  close to us both. In fact his recall is better than Daisy’s!! Daisy has a stubbornness, she has trained me well….if she holds her ground I’ll just come to her! My recall is perfect!! HA. If I tell Wheaton to “come” he does. Period.

I wouldn’t take them off leash when others are around but it’s pretty much guaranteed that no one else is hiking at 7am! We like our early morning hikes while camping. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful, it’s cooler out….and it gives us plenty of time to get back for breakfast and a mid morning nap!! Daisy SleepingWheatie Sleeping





This past weekend we did a quick get away (very spontaneous since I booked it the night before) camping weekend in St.Malo, just an hour from home. I was sitting there thinking…why aren’t we camping this weekend? And at 9:30 pm I went online and reserved a site. I am not a spontaneous person, ask anyone who knows me! But all I could think about was being out in the trailer somewhere…even if it was an unfamiliar campground. I needed to camp. It was a busier campground than I would prefer but it eased my craving!

On Saturday we headed out to explore the trails around us. They were a mucky mess. puddles flooding the whole pathway in some cases. I paused to find a drier way around…and Wheaton just trotted right through, up to his chest in mud puddle. Ok. Decision made, we’re just gonna go right through and clean up later. Daisy has always been a dual personality kinda dog. At home she tiptoes around puddles and wet grass but on a hiking trail she runs through the swampy bog and the muck doesn’t phase her. Wheaton is just oblivious. He doesn’t care…puddle, mud, nothing stops him. After an hour we were all a muddy mess! It was awesome!! We came out of the trail at a group use picnic area and went straight to a water tap to hose the muck off. then as the sun was out and warming everything up, we sat and dried off…then took the (dry) road back to the camper.

We head out again this weekend, back to our favourite place, Hecla…our usual site on the lake with our own private path to the shore. 5 days of 7am treks along the shoreline! I know I can’t wait!! More camping adventures await us…and plenty of rest and relaxation! There is nothing better for us than the camping life!!