For the last  few weeks I’ve been trying a new thing…..I’ve been leaving the dogs for short periods of time without putting the gate up. This gives Wheaton full access to the house. This is taking a bit of a risk since he hasn’t proven to be fully house broken. He pees on his pee pad still when I leave them..usually just one spot now but still, there’s always a chance he will start peeing elsewhere when the house is left open to him. But he’s actually done the opposite, he hasn’t peed at all.

At first it was only a quick run to the grocery store, so like an hour. Then it was errands and stuff so it was just under 2 hours. He did have a poop on his pad but I kinda knew that could happen since he’s a two pooper on his morning walk and he had only one that morning. Haha. This past Friday I left to go to a chiropractor appointment, should have only been an hour and home but I got an impromptu invite to go visit my sister and her beau so I went. I ended up being away for 3 hours. I came home to a completely dry house. Woot Woot! Way to go Wheatie boy!

So, last night I took a chance. A big chance. I left the house for 5 hours. No doggie gate. One pee pad in the dining room and one pad at the door. Fingers crossed. I got home to two very happy dogs, toys and beds and blankets all over the kitchen, but no accidents or pee pad spots!!

If I show confidence in Wheaton, he shows me he can handle it.

This is a BIG DEAL!!!

I am so proud of my boy.