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Dude loves to have his picture taken! Daisy ducks her head or turns away…and look at this guy….

It’s like he’s taking pointers from Tyra Banks on America’s Top Model…..he is totally “Sm-eyes-ing” (her word for smiling with your eyes). His little fraggle face is so expressive. It’s hard to be on time for work every morning when this face is looking at you! I want to crawl back into bed with them both and snuggle.

It’s cold again….regular winter resumes here in Winnipeg. It’s nice because the sidewalks are frozen again so no wet sloppy walks! For the last couple weeks, after work, we’ve been heading to a park near by and walking the trails for an hour or so. The dogs love it cause there are new smells and snowy trails…basically Doggy Playland! I loved it cause it’s a great unwind after work and the trails had not melted to the point of being slushy. The other day we saw a huge owl hooting away in a tree….I made sure to keep the leashes tight….the fur littles could make for a good owl snack!

This week we have a couple visitors. Toby and Maya (remember Maya the puppy…..she’s just over a year old now!). Their humans are my Dad and my stepmom. They’re away for a few days so Jenn’s Doggy Daycare is open. Toby is Daisy’s doggy daddy. He’s a lovable old pup. He’s so easy going. Maya is a typical year old pup…..she’s curious….she pushes boundaries….she’s full of energy….and, even when she’s shitting on the floor right in front of you, she’s still adorable!!!

We’re all in bed this morning because it’s Saturday and we’re relaxing. Believe me, a double bed is not enough room for a comfortable sleep with 4 dogs even if they all weigh under 15 pounds each. I have a photo of our guests but you can hardly see Maya’s face cause everything is black….black fur, black nose, black eyes….she’s looks like a little baby gorilla. Wheatie loves playing with Maya. Except she doesn’t understand his “butt tactics”. That’s where he approaches butt first, it’s very passive aggressive, and hilarious. The only thing Wheatie approaches head on is food and walks! When he turns his butt to bump Maya and try to get her to chase him and wrestle she thinks he’s done and she stops wrestling. See, Daisy knows his butt tactics so she jumps on him and wrestles more, which encourages him that this “tactic” works!  Silly boy. He does love his play though!! And I love watching him play. It makes me happy.

Speaking of Jenn’s Doggy Daycare….later this month we have another visitor making a return…..Bailey. She’s that Min Pin/Boston Terrier cross that came to stay over the holidays. Her humans are friends of my aunts. She’s a good guest.  When they called to tell me they had to go out of town and asked if Bailey could come stay here again I said sure….she fit right in last time. And then in early March……we get Zhoda!! My Aunt and Uncle got a black lab puppy. It was a big decision after Thule’s death. It’s hard to get another dog after losing your beloved companion. There’s such a Thule sized hole left in their lives and their hearts. Zhoda doesn’t fill that hole but she made her own space and it’s filled with Zhoda loves!! She’s never had a stay over more than a few hours and she’s only going to be (barely) 5 months old. This will be a lot of……fun? I hope Wheatie still loves her even when she’s pouncing on him! There will be blog posts on that for sure!

Yes…the next month or so will be busy. Poor Daisy just wants her momma’s lap and no one around eating her chewies. She’s very introverted and anti-social like me. But still, my dogs are amazing with how they adapt and tolerate and cope with everything I throw at them. And no matter what….momma’s lap is always there. Daisy and Wheaton are the loves of my life. 

In other human “news”, I’ve taken a Facebook break. So the blog will post there but I won’t see your comments there. I hope you enjoy it still. In case you wonder why I am fasting from the book of faces….honestly it just got to be too much. Even a cut back to an hour a day, or just using it for one purpose to update with a closed group, was too much. It is a disconnected connection. So much hate and violence and “he who shall not be named” POTUS all over every feed. Stories of shootings, bombings, protests, abuse, hatred….no. As an empath I was sick from it all. I honestly just want to enjoy my Jenn World.

Peace is possible….it starts inside your Self.

In love and kindness….