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I’m lucky. My dogs are happy to go for an hour long walk through the park ….or just lay on the couch, curled in a blanket with their Momma. Either option suits them just fine. In fact I think they’d pick couch snuggling over a park walk! Well,  Daisy would for sure!!

In a winter that has me sick for the second time now since Christmas, I am thankful for the quick backyard pees and the short walks around the block. The minus 40 Celsius windchills don’t stop us…but Momma with a head cold and cough…forget it!

Being that the fur littles come to the office with me it’s not like they’re cooped up alone all day. For the first hour of being in the office Daisy & Wheatie play and wrestle and run around the halls. For the rest of the day, they meet clients, bark at couriers and get plenty of office tummy rubs! So if they have a couple days of short walks and quick runs in the backyard and their daily wrestling matches…they’re happy. Their work day is full!

The park walks are a bonus for us all. I love a walk through the trails and the trees just as much as they do and when this round of sick passes we’ll get back to our after work park walks!

For this week, after work, we’re couching.

Stay well everyone!


Jenn, Daisy & Wheaton