I’ve had more time for blogging since I started my Facebook Fasting. 

So last weekend our furry little guests made a run for it….and by run I mean 3/4 of the way down the block! I took the four dogs out for a quick backyard pee. Same as always. And Maya, the youngest, decided that instead of going back to the door she was gonna bolt up the driveway. Shit. Then Toby decided that if she was running….he was running! Double shit!!  I had no choice but to chase after them….leaving Daisy and Wheaton unleashed and unattended. More shit, shit, shit!!!  

I finally caught the escapees. Little buggers….cute….but buggers. With one under each arm I walked back to my house. As I made my way back, there, sitting and waiting so patiently, at the top of the driveway on the sidewalk….my two little angels. When I got closer they ran back to the door. Wheaton was hopping on his feet back and forth, so proud of himself!! Seriously….he knew that he was a very good boy! 

We’re just lucky that no bunny hopped by or person with a dog walked by because I would have lost them all.

Lesson here….no guests leave the house without a leash!! 

And, although I’m still sick, we stopped at the park after work yesterday cause it was so nice out. We had a lovely walk through the trails. The fresh air did us all good. It was followed by an early bedtime and this Momma needing a big shot of NyQuil! 

Happy weekend everyone. Stay well! 

And now, we nap.