I love Sundays. Mostly because of the way they start…..lazy. 

I still wake up early to stay in bed later….if that makes any sense at all?! I’ll do some iPad-ing, followed by some dog snuggling. Sometimes we may even fall back to sleep.
After a little while the fur littles get curious and want to climb on me and get in front of the iPad for some pets and ear scratches. 

Their look says “Whatcha doin Momma? Whatever it is it couldn’t possibly be more important than scratching our chins!”

And after sufficient chin, neck, ear and belly scratches, they go back to their spots, dig, turn around 3 times and go back to sleep. Leaving me to play candy crush or mahjong …..or type a blog entry. 

Sunday is our day. Soon I’ll get up change out of my jammies and into my cozies and we’ll head out for a walk. I’m thinking down the frozen Seine River again like we did last weekend when we had two furry guests. It looks sunny outside, and the tree out the window isn’t moving much so the wind must be calm. It’s early enough that we may be the only ones out. Should be easy to do an hour along the river. We’ll come back, have breakfast and then our lazy Sunday continues. I still need to get this cold to go away so the lazier the better. 

Now….I just have to wake them up…

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!