I was looking for something in my dresser drawer when I saw a little container and realized I missed telling you all the story about Wheaton’s dental appointment back in November. I knew the big dental cleaning visit was inevitable. We tried the bully stick chews, and they helped with some tartar removal, but his teeth were too far gone from years of neglect from his past life in the Mill. 

So. First we have my anxiety of leaving my poor boy at the vet. Where he would sit in a cage waiting for his surgery time. A cage. Dude hasn’t been back in a cage since his new life with us. I had a chat with him and explained that this cage was only temporary. It would only be for part of the day and then Momma would be there to get him as soon as the doctor said he could go home. Then I explained that they were gonna fix his teeth and lots of strangers were gonna be around him and poking him and it would be scary but no one would hurt him.

I dropped him at the clinic….they let me take him to the back and see the room he would stay in until his surgery and after for his recovery….I put him in the kennel/cage with his blanket and gave him a kiss. I cried as I left. The staff at our vet clinic is so good, they gave me a little hug and said that I could call to check on him as often as I wanted. 

He went in for his surgery a little later than scheduled because they had some other surgeries take longer than expected. The vet called me at 3 to tell me that they were gonna need to pull several of his teeth. And that they would need to do more X-rays. This was my warning call that what they needed to do would cost more than what I was originally quoted.  To be honest, when it comes to the vet, it’s always more than what they quote cause dogs can’t tell you where it hurts or what the problem might be so its all a guess until the doctor gets in there….I wasn’t surprised. 

At 4 my phone rang again. More teeth were coming out but good news…..they would not need to pull his canines! I was in the middle of the freezer aisle in Sobeys and I think I said something like “yay he keeps his fangs!”. Then she told me the approximate total we were up to and I said “Holy Shit!!” Let’s just say my Visa was going to get a good pre Christmas work out.  

At 5:45 they called to tell me he was out of surgery and doing well in recovery. They said I could come get him in an hour. I was there 50 minutes later ready to see my boy. I walked in the clinic and as soon as I started speaking to the front desk assistants Wheaton started howling in the back. They laughed and said, “someone wants his mummy!” They brought him out to me and he climbed into my arms and snuggled into my neck. The vet came out and went over the dosage for pain meds, they explained everything to me for after care and told me that he would be dopey and probably not be interested in eating anything until maybe the next day. They had to pull a total of 17 teeth!  I didn’t think he even had 17 teeth left after what he had pulled after his rescue vetting but it turns out that report wasn’t accurate. Understandable when so many dogs are rescued and vetted at once some dental charts are mistaken. The good news was that he kept a couple molars and would still have top and bottom align for chewing. He lost all the little ones in between and most of his bottom teeth. The fangs were saved which is also good for total jaw alignment. So, all in all a pretty good outcome. 

For a little guy that just came out of a 3 hour dental surgery he was pretty happy to be home. Within 10 minutes of being in the house he was in the kitchen standing up at the stove wanting me to make him supper!  I made him some easy to chew food, gave him a spoonful at a time and he ate without any sign of discomfort. We’d wait 10 minutes and then I’d give him more. We had no issues. He took his pain meds the next da, ate and played a per usual and a week later we went back so the vet could check everything. She said his mouth looked great. The stitches were almost dissolved and he was a perfect patient!  

So that was our big scary dental appointment. Now he gets his fangs brushed every second night (or close to it). And bully stick chewies for 15 minutes at bedtime every night. He may only have 8 teeth left but they’re very sparkly!