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We have a guest again….Miss Bailey is here to visit for 5 days.bailey-guest-6 She was a bit anxious at first but we went for a group walk within about 10 minutes of her arrival and she settled into our pack right away.  We haven’t seen her since her last visit ended just after New Years so understandable that she was trying to figure this out. The group walk helped. Stopping at the pet store at the top of our street and getting a couple treats didn’t hurt!

Daisy and Wheaton accepted her right away. And by accepted I mean that Wheaton didn’t bark in her face and Daisy hates her the same as she did last time. Haha.

bailey-guest-5It didn’t take our guest long to find the hiding place for all of Daisy’s bones. Which I promptly took away from her…these “bones” have lasted Daisy for 5 years of gnawing…Bailey would go through them in an evening. Then our guest moved on to the “stuffies”. Daisy was having none of that! I almost had a dog fight on my hands! Wheaton watched anxiously from the sidelines.  He kept looking at me, looking at Daisy, looking at Bailey…..looking back at me…like “what should I do Momma?”

Finally Wheaton decided to jump off the couch and engage Bailey in some wrestling! They chased each other from room to room, they wrestled, chased again, stopped for some butt sniffs and then repeated the process. Daisy was refereeing from the couch. Her growling & barking seeming to yell,”Stop playing with my Brother!!!!  Stop playing with my toys!! Sit down and shut up!!!!”  Daisy is a real bitch.

Finally everyone calmed down for the evening and we all settled onto the couch, each dog in their own little curled up ball. Me with my cup of tea. Ahhhhh….quiet.

Since Bailey sleeps in her kennel at night, and will stay home all day in her kennel while the fur littles and I are at work, our morning walk was longer. A good 20 minutes for all of us was a pretty good start to the day! Her humans tell me that she doesn’t like to walk much in the winter but I don’t believe them…she seems to love the walks! 😉 She doesn’t have much choice though since we are a walking kind of pack. Last time Bailey came I made her her own pair of boots and I bought her a sweater…..this made the walks more comfortable for her. Last night we bought a harness for her cause walking with a collar isn’t good for her neck…especially since she is a bit chaotic when she walks! She’s very curious, she doesn’t pull but she’s a weaver & a wanderer…the harness helps me keep her more in-line. This morning’s walk with the harness was much, much better. She loves to stand up on her hind legs and look around…she even walks a bit which makes me laugh!

All in all she’s a good guest and her humans pay me to take care of her which makes it even better!!  The weather will be nice this weekend and there will be plenty of walking!!

Have a marvelous day!  🙂