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I try to keep the dog’s diet predominantly raw. Sometimes it has to be bought from the pet store in frozen form or in freeze dried form because I haven’t had time or energy to do homemade but I do my best for the fur littles. Nobody’s perfect so some days they get kibble. Wheaton will eat whatever you put in his bowl….Daisy is the fussy one!

This morning was gourmet dog food day. The last few times I’ve done beef….this batch is raw ground turkey with half a can of salmon, chopped parsley and then 1/2 tsp of turmeric. The salmon is to make sure they get their Omega fish oils.

Then I cooked up some sweet potato and puréed it and added in some kale. This adds in some fiber. img_6880-2

Then cooked some quinoa and coconut oil. They love the coconut oil. And it keeps their skin and coat healthy. img_6878-1

And then it all got mixed together! img_6883

It actually smelled really good. The fur littles were at my side salivating. Waiting patiently, knowing they were gonna get a bowl of yumminess in a few more minutes.

I let it cool a bit and then poured it into freezer bags and even put it into a Halloween shapes silicone ice cube tray. imageMore fun for me then the dogs. Mummies, Scaredy Cats and Jack-o-Lanterns!

Now the taste test…..

And happy little full bellied Fraggles…..a couple burps and then they’re licking their chops. It looks like the new batch of grub is a success. Happy dogs….happy momma.

I will just need to remind myself that they’re pooping green later today because of the kale and parsley! Hahah.

Now for the rest of our Sunday…..tea, couch, made for TV movies and some snuggling. It’s been a very busy few days and Momma wants (needs) a chill kinda day.

We hope you all have a lovely Sunday. ❤️