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I hate Spring melt. I was going to say I hate Spring but that’s incorrect. There are many things I love about the season. And don’t get me wrong….I know here in Winnipeg we are FAR from Spring. The snow may be melting and we may be having a bit of mild weather…but we’re always one day away from a minus 40 windchill until say……May! Anyway, I was saying. The “Spring” melt…..yuck. Hate it. It’s damp and icy and sloppy and everything is dirty and grey. 

And don’t even get me started on about the piles of mushy melted dog feces everywhere!!! For eff sakes people….pick up your dog’s poop! We all have to walk the sidewalks. It’s disgusting. 

So can you tell I started off in a very bad mood this morning? Are you sensing the vibe of the day? Definitely woke up on the “wrong” side of something this morning and it just built and festered all damn day. One of those days were you wish you could have stayed home under the duvet….but instead you had to put your big girl panties on and go to work….if only to put your head on your desk and have a little cry.  Yeah. Great day. I am grateful that two little furry faces come to work with me because no matter how craptastic things are I have furry mood lifters right beside me all day! 

Finally the end of the day came…..time to go home. I was 4 blocks away and suddenly thought “screw this mood, we’re going to the park!!”! I turned the car around and within 10 minutes we were at the park. I knew it was going to be a messy walk but it would be better than the sidewalks around my neighbourhood. The park road was slushy but not too bad….we could maneuver the puddles. I just can’t handle the icy sidewalks we walk in the morning….I’ve done that jolting almost slip but catch yourself move too many times. We can manage puddles. I parked the car, and got the dogs into their boots and sweaters.
It’s not that it’s cold but it helps with the wet and sand slop and splashes. White/cream coloured dogs that are low to the ground….get VERY dirty this time of year! 

Within 5 minutes my mood lightened. I could feel the stress lift with every breath of cool fresh air I took in, letting my exhale out fully. My shoulders started to drop. The pine wood chips on the trails have emerged with the thaw and the scent is invigorating. I need this. Even a park in the city can transport me to finding my bliss. It’s no wilderness hike but it’s my mini escape. Even the dogs sense this change. It’s been a week since we’ve been out to the park and that’s not a huge deal except that our every day walks have sucked with all the ice and shitty sidewalk conditions. We just haven’t had our walk mojo happening and I was going stir crazy. I needed to get out and walk….not that “shit in your pants shuffle” you do on sketchy icy rutted sidewalks….tiny little butt clenched steps with every foot fall slipping out from under you so you tense up with every step. Hate it.  Grrr. 

And then….Wheaton made me laugh. He isn’t phased by a puddle. Dude has never met a puddle he didn’t like….while Miss Daisy avoids, Wheaton storms right through. 

He dipped his foot into a deep one within the first 10 minutes of our walk and so his little fleece boot was soaked…and as we walked the boot got heavier and I guess kept slipping off so he kept kicking his back foot out with every second step. A little hop and his foot kicked out, another step, a hop and a kick….he looked like he was doing his own four legged version of the RiverDance.
It was cracking me up. Just what Momma needed..a little chuckle. Leave it to my boy to bring the comedy relief. He’s such a clown. Daisy brings the cuddles and kisses….Wheaton brings the goofy and the playfulness. 

We walked the snowy slush trails, looping around puddles. We walked the trails with the wood chips and the trees. We walked the sandy wet road. But we walked for an hour. Fresh air filling our lungs. 

I stopped to sit on a bench and to take it all in and calm my inner dialogue of the day. This is our time now. The “bad” part of the day is over.  Ahhhhhhhh.

It was exactly what the fur littles and I needed. 

Then home for supper….the dogs got pork with kale and rice…..they were quite happy with that gourmet meal! No tv tonight. Some Maroon 5 (Songs About Jane, not new stuff), a nice big mug of  earl grey, a blog session……and then we’re going to bed early for some reading and snuggling. 
They wait patiently for me to finish this entry……….together, curled up in Daisy’s “house”…..

Good night everyone out there….we hope that no matter what kind of day you had it ended (even) better than it started! 

With love and kindness. xox