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A month ago I submitted my application for a seasonal site at our favourite campground……and then waited not so patiently to find out if I made it in……it’s a lottery draw with only 35 sites! 

Yesterday I received the email notification that my name was drawn. Number 10 out of 35!!!!! In fact I keep going back to the email letter and rereading to make sure I’m reading it correctly! In my head I keep repeating, “that says 10, right?”

This is awesome news as there are 13 electrical sites and they tend to be the sites that go first….so with a tenth pick I will probably (fingers crossed for definitely) get the basic site I want with the little path to the lake. It’s the smallest site in seasonal….but in my opinion it’s the most Jenn site as it has a view out into the trees, it has a rugged trail through the bush to get to the shoreline and no sites across from it so less “neighbours”. 

I dreamt of my Cornelious the Camper last night. I am so over-the-moon happy that this worked out. I just imagine getting home on a Thursday….with my Friday’s off from May Long to September Labour Day….grab the cooler, my backpack, and a box of wine…..and the fur littles and I will be off most weekends out to the camper!!!!  

The freedom to have the camper there, waiting, in the same spot all summer is my dream come true. For me there is no greater pleasure than spending my time camping and hiking with my dogs so having a seasonal site is perfect…..and I put it out into the Universe that this needed to happen. And it is unfolding right in front of me. The site pick night is early March….just a little more focus and energy to put into getting my lakeside site and we are set! 

I’ve got some new camping stuff to try out…..a solar panel to keep the camper battery charged, a new Coleman camp stove with two burners so I can make coffee AND breakfast simultaneously and a hammock with a mosquito netting top! 

Is it May yet?????? 🏕

The other wonderful news in this summer seasonal camping scenario is that my bestie Michael and his husband got picked in the draw as well! They made it into the top 10 so they will get an electrical site for their fancy trailer. So not only do I get to camp all summer with the dogs, but my besties and my nephew Conor will be camping in the same bay all summer!! 

Seriously. Best news ever. 

I don’t ask for much in this life……just a lakeside site, and the dogs and I are happy campers! 

With grace and gratitude…..

Jenn, Wheaton and Daisy