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My little man is so wonderful.  He’s such a momma’s boy. Every day we have progress. When I reach for him he turns towards me, instead of away. When it’s time for him to get his boots, sweater and harness on, he comes to me, turns around and waits his turn. When it’s time to get out of bed in the morning, he doesn’t jump off the bed….he waits for me. I say, “are you ready big boy” and he turns around to get picked up…and now I reach out my hands and he turns back to me and comes forward to put himself in my hands. When it’s time for bed, I reach out to pick him up, and again, he turns to me and comes in closer to be picked up. If we’re going for a car ride, he waits until I’m ready for him, then he turns to be picked up. 

Every time he gives me his trust, it humbles me. Everything he went through could have left him an absolute mess but yet he still gets happy and excited and….sometimes….affectionate. When I give him belly rubs he licks me. When I pick him up he cuddles into me. He sleeps closer to me, in fact curled right up against me and if I move he doesn’t get up and move away like he use to do. 

Yes. It’s been 2 years and 3 months since he came to us…..and that seems like a long time but he had 4 years in his first life in the puppy mill cage. There’s no denying that that first life scarred him.  Whatever!!  We’re bigger than his past. He’s better than his issues.  And we just keep moving forward. 

My little Wheatie Boy….my furry fraggle….Mister McLovin…..

I have two loves of my life and I’m a very proud Momma.