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The puppy. 30 pounds. 5 months old. Paws of plenty. Total ball of energy and nonsense. 

Meet Zhoda. Aka, Daisy’s arch nemesis. If Zhoda even looks at Daisy sideways the snarling starts….and the pup thinks that’s the revving of the play engine! Ummm Zhoda…it’s not!!!

Wheatie isn’t sure if he’s supposed to like the puppy or not like the puppy…it all depends on if Daisy is watching. Not even kidding. He totally watches what Daisy is reacting to…..if Daisy is not upset then Wheatie is letting the puppy be his friend….if Daisy is mad at the puppy, Wheatie growls at the puppy. It’s kind of hilarious to watch him try to figure out…..Puppy good? Puppy bad? Then there’s the play. The playing is a bit dangerous as the pup is all paws and they are all over the place! She’s part black lab, part octopus! 

It’s exhausting trying to wear out a puppy! We walk, we play, we run, we roll around, we wrestle…..she sleeps for 30 minutes and wants to start all over again. And just keeping Daisy from going into attack mode is a full time shift! 

Oh. But cute. My gawd. 

And an absolute goofball. Just when you think you should tie her to the table to get her to sit still she looks at you with her big brown puppy eyes and flops down on your feet….and you forgive every thing she ate, every thing she knocked over, every time she crisis crossed the leash and almost tripped you, and every needle teeth bite to your hands….

We haven’t had a stay-cation at “The Ranch” since the last time we took care of Thule. It’s a year since Thule passed and being here taking care of a little miniature version with 100 times more energy is strange. I’ve only called the puppy “Thule” about 3 times. It’s my hope that when Zhoda matures, and the puppy crazy passes, she will be a good buddy to Daisy & Wheaton just like Thule was.  Given the amount of puppy crazy we’ve got on our hands this week….that could take a while. A long while. 

The puppy does nap. And she does need to get some time outs in her kennel to sleep and not bother the littles. Then we have calm and quiet and everyone is at peace.

That’s a good thing. We all need to chill for a bit. 

Time for tea……..or maybe wine.