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It was a busy week with the lab puppy Zhoda. She definitely made life busy for a week…..and by busy I actually mean chaotic and crazy. I managed to figure out how to walk all three dogs at once….not an easy feat let me tell you!! Our walks were usually all three together and then I would take the puppy for a quick 1K run on her own to wear her out a bit more. On the last day of her visit with us it was so nice out I decided that we needed to attempt a park walk. I had all the confidence in the world that I could manage them all at the park!

And I did! It was fun! We all got pretty messy with all the slush and sand and puddles. It was great!! Puppy loved it….snow baths and puddles!! It was Lab pup utopia! 

Even Daisy was enjoying the park walk. Wheaton enjoys everything. He’s pretty easy to please. 

I’m so proud of my Wheatie boy. He just goes with the flow. He’s becoming more “dog” than “rescue dog”. Time is definitely healing. I see more personality developing and coming out. I see more confidence like when we were walking as a pack with the puppy he would take the lead but not in a pulling way. And if the puppy got too hyper, Wheatie would back off. 

He is still aloof with other people. But curious. He wants to check people out…he just doesn’t want them to reach out and touch him straight away. 

We can actually learn a lot from Wheaton; watch people, sniff them out, observe, show interest but keep your distance until they show that they are worthy of your trust. And once they are…give them a snuggle. 

Not a bad way to live. 

Wheatie, you’re pretty smart.