imageThe other morning at the office I was getting ready to feed the dogs, having no fresh made food I was resorting to kibble on this day. I reached for the container and made the error of picking it up by the lid….the lid that is not securely clipped….and as I lifted it, the container burst open and kibble exploded everywhere.

I’ve never seen Wheaton so excited to have food falling from above. Oh it was everywhere and he was so happy!

“Food!! It’s raining food!!! It’s everywhere!!! “image

Now, some would lose their patience having just thrown half a container of dog kibble all over their office kitchen but I took a breath and looked down at how happy my dogs were to be “free ranging” their breakfast….and I laughed. They helped me clean up of course..didn’t even need the vacuum…they got every last crumb!

Sometimes life throws your kibble all over the floor……so sometimes you have to laugh and eat the crumbs off the floor.